It’s Time to Establish a National Conceal Carry — Now!

Kevin McCullough, National Conceal Carry

If the Constitution guarantees that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, then it is time to bear those arms in the interest of protecting our families, lives, and orderly society.

If you live in blue-state America you have some common realities with other blue states and cities. Tax and economic policies are predatory. Life is harder for you than red-staters. And crime is on the rise.

There are also less attractive issues you are dealing with as well.

From New York City to Los Angeles, there is literally greater amounts of fecal matter coating your public streets. Homeless people are being more greatly injured—not helped. And crime is on the rise.

From New Jersey to California your mob member Democratic Party leadership has lawlessly labeled your state a “sanctuary” for people from literally only God knows where. And they are going so far as to give them voting rights and driver’s licenses.

Blue city after blue city is also disbanding and pulling out of their partnership with federal law enforcement, known as the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). They’re designed to allow local police departments access to federal resources (money and people) to help those cities stop terror attacks before they happen in their areas.

In the case of San Francisco, in the sanctuary “state” of California, you have no JTTF. Terrorists could be setting up cells across that city and the Democratic mafia in charge don’t care. They have made it “illegal” for the state to do anything to stop them.

And crime is on the rise.

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Some blue mayors and governors will play with numbers and reclassify what crimes are. Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo in New York have literally decriminalized so many traditional criminal acts that they’ve attempted to make the argument that crime has gone done on their watch.

These are the same morons who want to take a perfectly good, hard to get to island – where they now store 7800 or so criminals – close the island, let half of the 7, 800 criminals free and then house the other half smack in the middle of their residential city boroughs. They want to do this while spending tens of billions of tax dollars.

The Democratic mafia Assembly leader Carl Heastie and Governor Cuomo have also colluded with criminal defense attorneys to pass and now put into effect a bail reform package that is a get-out-of-jail-free card prior to trial, and if the person shows up for trial he gets free Mets tickets.

Democrats have been able to make these changes in largely blue states because they have mostly limited or eliminated a common person’s right to defend one’s self and his family.

And crime is on the rise.

Over the final days of Hanukkah (and the weekend following Christmas) this lawlessness spilled over.

Already in an all-out crisis of violence against our Jewish communities, anti-Semitic attacks were carried out every day during the “festival of lights.” In New York, a rabbi had to attempt to ward off a savage attacker who ended up injuring dozens.

The very next morning a man walked into a church ready to kill 200 people in Texas and met his maker in six seconds.

The male who attacked the Hanukkah gathering was armed with only blades yet severely injured many. The shooter in Texas was loaded with high-powered ammo and was put down almost immediately.

One of my very dearest Jewish friends told me on Friday, “I want to be able to do what the guy in Texas did.”

In the New York county where the Hanukkah attack took place, they’ve already recorded thousands of gun permit applications where they traditionally authorize a few dozen per year.

And after only 25 days of the new “bail reform” New York has seen an increase of more than 517 robberies, burglaries and car thefts. At this pace, they will hit an increase of 7,800 more of those crimes than occurred in 2019.

In blue cities, in blue states, the tide is turning criminal and violent. The elected Democratic lawmakers have created these criminal and violent, terrorist cell building zones for people of completely unknown origin.

It is time for Constitutionally law-abiding people to get armed and start carrying.

A well-armed, law-abiding citizenry keeps crime at bay much better than a demoralized police force who grows tired of making arrests only to see the perps be released without bail and without a judge’s ability to remand them to being held based on danger to the community or the criminal’s flight risk.

Most armed citizens that use their gun for protection never even fire the weapon. The mere brandishing of it before the evildoer is usually enough to incentivize the criminal to stop his activity and to flee the scene.

And as the church shooting in Texas proved, a well-armed citizenry is the best way to end mass shootings before they have the six to 10 minutes to kill as many as they can before the police arrive.

America is approaching a state of criminally dangerous proportions. The Democrats have brought it to the doorstep. And it is time to establish the national concealed carry program.

We need to rid ourselves of the necessity of “reciprocity” agreements that Democrats can reject and make their populations sitting targets. If the Constitution guarantees our right to self-protection, regional Democrat politicians shouldn’t have the right or even the ability to remove it.

National carry now. National carry forever.

Court precedents need to be challenged and established and the Constitution should be enforced.

For if the Constitution guarantees the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) the arms needed to protect one’s self, one’s family, and one’s society then it’s time that we stop allowing the Democratic criminal mafia to trample on the very protections we have.

For that right shall not be infringed.

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