It’s Time to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Communist China

Ryan Shucard, Who would’ve thought a ludacris idea dubbed as the “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Movement” thought up by anti-Israel and antisemitic extremists would yield an acronym that so rightly describes how America should deal with Communist China?

But it was here, amid their world of chronic hysteria and faux outrage over their Israel fantasy that I realized a remarkably simple solution to America’s biggest geopolitical challenge: the relentless provocations and outright assaults by Communist China to undermine our way of life.

Of course, the hate-filled academics have again miscast the villain in their narrative as Israel. But the three operative words within the BDS acronym can and should be forcefully applied to the current state of affairs Communist China has unleashed on the world.

Of all the nations in the world, none has done more to collectively harm Americans than Communist China. None has done more to destabilize, threaten, coerce, and deceive the world more than Communist China. No other nation is more deserving of a global boycott, aggressively phased divestiture, and severe economic and diplomatic sanctioning than Communist China.

Every facet of American life should be involved in a BDS movement started anew from every level of government to the private sector, individuals, and beyond – and we don’t have to look very far or very hard to find evidence warranting such a full-on and properly appropriated BDS movement against Communist China.

COVID-19 has now killed over 800,000 Americans and over 5 million people worldwide. The sheer death toll alone is enough to demand the Communist Chinese government be held accountable but as we continue to realize all the devastating ripple effects across every facet of our society, the pandemic is the most egregious and recent example of the need for America to lead a global BDS effort against China.

In case unleashing a pandemic (without apology, an offer of retribution, or honesty in reporting its own COVID-19 statistics) wasn’t enough, the Communist Chinese government is also committing genocide of Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities by way of concentration camps, forced sterilization, and cruel imprisonment.

Communist China’s human rights abuses don’t stop there. Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, and Falun Gong followers are all routinely persecuted, harassed, surveilled, and targeted while the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still holds a seat on the once esteemed United Nations Human Rights Council. Even still, China is allowed to host the Olympics without so much as some bad press and a laughable diplomatic boycott.

The CCP also went on an unprecedented crackdown of civil liberties in the supposedly “free” Hong Kong last year in a blatant admission of their intent to coerce and control everything from the media to the economy, no matter its accepted governing construct. Why? Because there are no consequences for Communist China.

Just as there are no consequences for the way in which they control their own people through dystopian social scoring and crediting systems or their ill-conceived and proven idiotic “one-child” policy, there are also no consequences for the continued onslaught of wrongdoings against America. From illegal steel dumping, the deliberate trafficking of fentanyl across our borders, and the recent Thousand Talents scandal where the CCP sought to expand its well-known intellectual property theft operation, China’s behavior is at least consistently nefarious and intentional. But still unchecked in any significant way.

China has even infiltrated the American professional sports and entertainment industries by refusing to air NBA games for certain teams because players or coaches have spoken out about their obvious and undeniable atrocities. It may be easy for Communist China to buy and brainwash half-wits of Hollywood or have their spies sleep with sitting Members of Congress, but it doesn’t mean it should continue or go unrebuked by our elected leaders.

The CCP’s actions are miles passed warranting any kind of restraint from what should be a vigorous and intense movement against China. President Biden and the federal agencies he oversees should take every diplomatic action available to first freeze their network of lies and propaganda, then escalate the effort to implement severe economic sanctions. As these initial actions shake up the status quo, Congress should ready legislation to begin a historic divestiture and untethering of America’s financial and manufacturing relationships with China favoring markets at home and within our own hemisphere. Surrounding this herculean initiative should be a nationwide mobilization of individuals, communities, and municipalities to join the government’s movement to reset, rebuke, and restrain Communist China’s actions. All of that should be bolstered by a massive mobilization utilizing public relations and advertising tactics akin to the WWII era to drive our citizenry toward sustaining the BDS movement throughout their daily lives. Staving off the trolls and bleeding hearts in advance, this doesn’t mean boycotting Chinese food establishments or other immigrant-owned businesses, so let’s leave the hyperbole aside.

While that might be a bit of a drift into a conservative’s dream world of perfect conditions where common sense, reason, patriotism, and a natural inclination to give the true bullies of the world a knuckle sandwich wins the day but the point remains: China is a bad actor. It’s gone far enough and they’ve had ample chances to change. Instead, they’ve bullied the world, their people, and we’re no better for it. It’s time for America to lead a global movement to boycott, divest, and sanction the Chinese government until their behavior changes. It’s a forceful approach to avert a more costly and dark outcome of kinetic nature. The consequences of inaction are ours to own.

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