It all started with the plane crash. More oddities around the Nordstream pipeline

I received a very interesting analysis. It is necessary to think about it. What if it’s really true and people are once again being fooled and lured into a trap….

It all started with the plane crash of a man who was partly responsible for repairing the Nordstream (turbine) and building the pipeline. I wrote about it and did an analysis.

And now I have come to a conclusion that could also be true. Please read the following text, such a reflection. The truth has never been told.

A staged attack on a gas pipeline? Yes, I suppose the attack on the pipeline was staged, as I have not yet seen any evidence that the pipeline was “blown up”.

For the images shown, which show only bubbling surface water, the question is whether they are real, because with today’s film and visualization technology, almost anything can be done with water. Have you seen the movie “The Day After”?

Reports of “damaged pipes” are given in such a way that NO normal citizen can verify it on the spot, because NO normal citizen has a submarine, and even those who are good at diving do NOT know the exact location…..

The “genius” of this staged attack is as follows:

Apart from much speculation, no culprit will be officially blamed for the “attack”. Perhaps gas will continue to flow through this pipeline, but due to fake news, the price of gas may rise even more, and the staged energy crisis may deepen further. This means: higher profits for energy companies, higher prices for gas consumers and generally slightly higher inflation for the population. Furthermore, the staged energy crisis is getting worse, which could “justify” certain energy measures. Since the attack was only staged, the “repair work” will not be a problem for energy companies, as there is nothing to fix.

Officially, no more gas will flow through this pipeline until further notice, and the manipulated public cannot blame ANYONE, neither Western nor Putin politicians. Sure, the blame will be on both sides, but there will BE NOTHING more in this regard. For the manipulated Prorus, Putin will remain the “messiah” and “bearer of hope,” and the pro-Western sleeping sheep will not know what really happened.

Since this pipeline does NOT need any repairs due to the “explosion”, energy companies can basically arbitrarily determine WHEN this pipeline will officially supply gas again. Q: Do you think they will show us videos of the “repair” of this “damaged” gas pipeline? I think NO, because there is nothing to fix.

So far the text that I have translated for you here at his request. After reflection, it is necessary to think carefully about all the lines. What does not play into my hands is the fact that President Putin would unknowingly participate in this.

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I would also like to comment briefly on the “accident” of the Cessna 511 aircraft of the “Cologne Carnival King” and the owner of a construction company with 1600 employees, Peter Griesemann, who was also responsible for the assembly and dismantling of turbines for Nordstream. About this accident wrote 5.9.2022 daily HLN.

So the plane crash is very mysterious. In every aircraft with the possibility of flying over 4500 m (i.e. with a pressurized cabin) there are oxygen devices for pilots and passengers. In airliners, oxygen masks automatically fall out when the aircraft cell and cabin vacuum are breached. In the event of sudden decompression of the cabin, strong warning signals are heard in the cockpit and the pilot with the co-pilot must immediately put on a mask, reduce engine power and descend at the maximum permitted speed into the atmosphere below 4500 m. The question is why did the captain in question leave the autopilot on and not make an immediate descent into the safe zone. Why didn’t he put on a mask? Why did he leave the cockpit as the only pilot of the aircraft? Did he go looking for an oxygen machine that is required to be next to or behind the seat? These are the most basic rules that every pilot knows well and acts automatically immediately. Why wasn’t it in this case??

The man responsible for the assembly and repair of the turbines for NORDSTREAM was reportedly on board the plane (cannot be confirmed yet). This company always received repaired turbines from Canada and had the task of building them into the system. Their website is already blocked. It stinks to heaven. Why did they do it? Were they uncomfortable, and would the truth come to the surface when Mr. Griesmann returned? Perhaps it is in the following article that the thread is to the heart of the matter. You will probably all understand:

On board the Cessna plane that crashed into the Baltic Sea on Sunday was horse lover Peter Griesemann with his wife, daughter Lisa and her boyfriend. Daughter Lisa made headlines when, at the age of 25, she and her boyfriend Paul Völlmer bought the famous Dreilindenhof equestrian centre from Baron Edouard de Rothschild. Rescuers found debris and an oil trail during a search operation near Latvia. Four passengers have not yet been found. The Swedish Coast Guard hardly believes in a chance of survival.

Shortly after takeoff in Jerez, Spain, there were reportedly problems with cabin pressure and radio communication with the Cessna 551 was broken. Spain, France and Germany sent fighter jets into the air to track down the private jet, but communication proved impossible. Finally, the “ghost plane” was accompanied by a Danish F16 aircraft. The pilot saw the Cessna plane crash into the sea off the Latvian coast around 7:45 p.m. According to aviation experts, passengers may have fainted and the plane crashed when it ran out of fuel.

Immediately after the accident, a rescue operation was launched, which continued throughout the night. The search operation is led by Latvian rescuers, assisted by colleagues from Lithuania, Sweden and Estonia. They found some debris and an oil spill and transported them to the port city of Ventspils for further investigation, reports Liva Veita of the Latvian Coast Guard. There they find out if it is part of the wreckage of the aircraft.

Daughter Lisa and her friend Paul Völlmer bought from Baron Edouard de Rothschild the famous Dreilindenhof equestrian center in Wachtberg-Niederbach, Germany. It was an estate with an area of almost 20 hectares. Among other things, the Qatari royal family trained their horses here.

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