Israeli Military Is Told to Prep for Possibility Trump Will Hit Iran

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have in recent weeks been told to gird for the possibility that America will strike at Iran before President Donald Trump is set to leave office in favor of a new Joe Biden administration in January, senior Israeli officials said, according to Axios.

As Axios reported on Wednesday, the Israeli government has told the IDF to make ready not based on any specific intel about imminent hostilities, but rather because senior Israeli officials expect the period between now and Biden’s expected inauguration on Jan. 20 to be extremely delicate.

The report said IDF’s prep work relates to potential Iranian retaliatory action against Israel, either directly or via proxies in the region.

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Last week, news media reported that Trump had weighed attacking an Iranian uranium enrichment facility.

The New York Times said he’d raised the idea with national security staff after being briefed on a report about Tehran having growing stockpiles of enriched uranium, key elements in the creation of nuclear arms. But top officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cautioned about the potential for regional escalations as a consequence of such a strike.

So these are fraught times for U.S.-Iran relations. And domestically, with Trump mounting several legal challenges against vote tallies favoring Biden, tensions are also high on the homefront as Trump continues to reiterate his conviction that he has secured a second term.

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