Is Klaus Schwab the ‘Most Dangerous Man in the World’?

Is Klaus Schwab the ‘Most Dangerous Man in the World’? (Video)

Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset.

And not only will it be great, it’ll be a fantastic reset!

The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease.

Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World?

Get the full picture along with everything they DON’T want you to know in this video! (below)


Many people now are realizing that CORPORATISM has a plan to run the world and eliminate the people that don’t agree with them.

With the Biden Clone set up as their front man Black Rock, Vanguard and others are following their plan to eliminate humanity.

Watch all of this video and learn about their clever plan.

These Nazis are the same people who are responsible for bankers wars, fraud, phoney money system.

4:33 – Dr Noah Harari “New World Order will hack all world people”.

5:10 – Replacing evolution by Technological design = Covid spike protein attacks immune system.

What happened to the FLU?

7:07 – They won’t answer to the people any longer.

No elections.

No home ownership.

Freedom gone worldwide.

10:01 – Look at the mess today:

High Gas Prices.

Food Shortages.

Border Invasions.

Payments to doctors that change Death Certificates to Covid.

NYC Governor Cuomo filmed burying frozen seniors from Convalesent Centers in Hart Cemetery.

10:30 – They will own everything.

We will own nothing.

12:45 – We will not be a free Sovereign individual.

Why are there hundreds of FEMA Camps?

Why were coffins found stacked in Georgia fields?

Why did they build 10,000 DUMBs worldwide and not tell the people all of these 70 years?

They had gotten so bold that George H.W. Bush made this statement: (“George H.W.Bush statement in 1992 in the Sarah McClendon Newsletter) “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and Lynched”.

The envelopes given out at the Bush funeral read: “They know it all…I’m sorry” George H.W. Bush

Bush was really executed in Gitmo as #82 and worked out a deal to protect his legacy.

The flag on his coffin was wrinkled which is a sign of treasonous actions against America.

Deceased soldiers’ flags coming back to the ‘Delaware Receiving Base’ have no such wrinkles.

This is the real rabbit hole of all of this attempted takeover by the Khazarian Mafia satanists who are guilty of blood drinking & shipping container child trafficking for Adrenochrome blood harvesting and organ sales.

They are supported by Hollywood, Nashville, Elites and Satanic perverts like Tom Hanks (who is really Michael Rockefeller) who was executed in Gitmo as #248 in 2020.

We are creator beings and these creatures don’t want us advancing above their 3rd dimensional vibrational level.

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