Is Another Court Battle Coming In Arizona?

Yesterday, the deadline for the subpoenas against Maricopa County and Dominion were set to expire.

There is currently a closed session meeting taking place in Maricopa County where the subpoena will be discussed.

According to Jen Fifield, another court battle could be set to take place in Arizona if the new election materials aren’t turned over.

Monday afternoon was the deadline for Maricopa County and Dominion Voting Systems to respond to the Arizona Senate’s latest subpoenas for election materials related to its controversial review of the county’s 2020 presidential election.

The subpoenas issued July 26 by Republican Senate leaders demand that representatives for the county Board of Supervisors and Dominion appear and produce the materials by 1 p.m. Monday at the state Capitol, though no formal meeting is on the Senate agenda.

Board Chairman Jack Sellers told The Arizona Republic on Friday that the supervisors hadn’t decided how they would respond, in part because they were waiting for guidance from Elections Director Scott Jarrett, who was out of the office last week.

The supervisors were to meet at 9:30 a.m. Monday in a closed-door session to discuss how to respond to the subpoena, among other topics. It could turn into a public session if the supervisors take anything to a vote.

If the past replays itself, the supervisors could vote to go to court over the subpoenas. The supervisors sued over the Senate’s subpoenas in January, leading to a February court ruling that prompted county leaders to turn over all 2.1 million ballots, voting machines and other election materials.

You would think Maricopa would want to prove that the 2020 election was free and fair!

Turns out it likely wasn’t!

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