Irish Medical Doctor Anne McCloskey “The Shots Are Killing People,” Suspended After Video

Dr. Anne McCloskey works on the COVID-19 frontlines in Northern Ireland.

Distressed by what she’s witnessed in the hospital, Dr. McCloskey pleaded to others to stop the COVID-19 injections.

Dr. McCloskey stated she’s never witnessed anything like this before.

Young, healthy people developing upper body blood clots and doctors turning a blind eye to make a connection to the jabs.

Dr. McCloskey boldly stated the jabs are killing people and causing a dire situation in the hospitals.

And others need to make a stand to protect the children at all costs.

Hear Dr. McCloskey’s message

Unsurprisingly, Dr. McCloskey faced suspension shortly after issuing her warning.

Her statement doesn’t agree with the mainstream COVID-19 narrative.

As a result, she’s now being investigated.