Iran fires ballistic missiles into Indian Ocean one lands near commercial ship

At least one missile reportedly came within 100 miles from the U.S. Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on Saturday fired long-range ballistic missiles into the Indian Ocean that purportedly came within miles of  foreign ships.

The missiles were fired on the second day of a military exercise, state media told Reuters, and amid the final days of Iran’s tense relationship with the outgoing Trump administration.

At least one missile came within 20 miles a commercial ship and 100 miles from the Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group.

Mohammad Baqeri, the Guard’s chief of staff general, said Iran had “no offensive intentions” with the missile testing but the results show his country will now be able to “respond to any hostile and malicious act in the shortest time.”

Iran resumes 20% enrichment at Fordow amid rising tensions with U.S

The Guard also said the new missiles have an 1,800-kilometer range and can strike moving targets in the ocean.

On Friday, the Guard tested surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and new drones, the wire service also reports.

Iran’s military and the U.S. have been at sharp odds since the Trump administration in 2018 abandoned a 2015 international deal in which Iran agreed to wind down its pursuit of a nuclear weapon in exchange for an easing of sanctions. The administration reimposed sanctions when it exited the deal.

Incoming Democratic President has said he will rejoin the multi-nation deal if Iran “resumes strict compliance.”

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