Interesting News: Some things other than COVID… taking place

The irony of the new electric car concept is…the electricity has to come from somewhere…and it still uses coal. So, imagine everyone plugging in…

What happens when you run low in the middle of no where? I suspect in their new RESET world, you will not be allowed to be going that far so they don’t have to be concerned with that… or maybe they just haven’t thought this thing through that far?

Actually the entire thing is flawed if the intention was to save their planet from using energy… if so, this is a major fail. But someone will make some fast cash.

Meanwhile, the human and child trafficking issue is one ole Joe was well aware of and he seemed to want it back in full throttle mode. He knew exactly what he was revving up, if it is even Joe… who ever is giving the orders is the one responsible for the chaos. The question is, was this a military white hat set up to bust more cartel or was this just Joe’s disaster and now he’s caught?

Did you know…On January 20, the Pentagon transferred control of a huge swathe of unused IP addresses — accounting for 4% of the entire internet — to a mysterious firm in Florida ?

Pentagon quietly transfers 175 million internet addresses worth $4BILLION to mysterious firm at shared workspace in Florida

  • Transfer of idle DoD IP addresses took place minutes before Trump left office
  • Huge swathe of 175 million addresses accounts for 4% of the entire internet
  • They are now under the control of mysterious Global Resource Systems LLC
  • Company’s address is listed in a co-working space above a bank in Florida
  • Reporter who visited the address found no representative and was told to leave
  • Now Pentagon says it is running a ‘pilot’ to ‘identify potential vulnerabilities’The search is on to find who is in charge of the company who now operates the internet addresses. The only name associated with it on the Florida business registry coincides with that of a man listed as recently as 2018 in Nevada corporate records as a managing member of a cybersecurity/internet surveillance equipment company called Packet Forensics. Full Story here: The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved | Daily Mail Online


    Sounds like his wife is with the Navaho and he wants her to come home because it’s to far for him to comute? Thought he was the President who can fly around the world?


    What she is not saying is that five years ago what her side was pushing was Obama’s Presidential Task Force for the 21st Century Policing which turned our municipality policing over to INTERPOL. But, don’t give me that crap Demmings that you care now…you are simply pushing the OBAMA AGENDA! Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing | Office of Justice Programs (