Intel Updates: The Alliance, the DoD, and Trump behind the scenes

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It Has Begun, Intel Updates for the Conversion Of old Fiat Financial System Activated, QFS Nesara/Gesara Taking Over, Central Bank Will Counter. 

The IRS is now pushing the tax date back to May 15 because of the virus. [JB] is now killing jobs all over the country, the economy will begin to suffer and degrade. The major financial institutions are now allowing the wealthy to transfer the wealth into bitcoin, this does not mean others can not do this. The transition away from fiat has begun.

MilitiaMan:  So lets take a peek at something.. There is talk about the postponement of the Federal Budget Law for 2021 is about the resolving of the exchange rate until a final agreement in that regard. Then look a bit further they have it ready and it is inevitable.

So to have it resolved means they have already decided the exchange rate.

They have agreed to not only this month but last month were okay with 21-50% deductions in pay.. All projects are stalled until the exposure of the rate.. imo..

This data supports we are all in a good place.. Note the below on the 11th and then further down on 17th.. There is no way the Kurds would agree to deductions in salaries without an exchange rate to support it and that off sets the loss.

 Gear up it is getting real!!! ~…imo… ~ MM

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Kurdistan announces the date of salary disbursement, with a deduction of 21% for employees

17th March, 2021

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced today, Wednesday, the date for the salaries of employees for the current month of March, confirming that the distribution mechanism will be the same as it was last month.

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government said in a statement: The salaries of employees for the current month of March will be distributed as of Thursday 3/25/2021. The statement added: The distribution mechanism will be as it was last month, with a deduction of 21% for employees and 50% for special grades.

Distribution mechanism

The Ministry of Finance distributes the employees’ salaries according to the deduction system, and every month the Ministry of Health becomes the first ministry to receive the salaries of its employees

The shotgun start is still at any moment THIS WEEK STILL; he is confirming Bruce’s info that D1 & D2 which had received huge tranches of funds from upper level bond redemptions a couple of weeks ago began to finally be released the day before yesterday Mon 15 March and yesterday Tue 16 March in order to start T3-4A/B payouts;
. .. D1 completed paying out tranches into UST accounts yesterday morning Tue 16 March and his info is that D2 completed this morning Wed 17 March as Bruce was told would happen.
. ..He confirmed Bruce’s info that D1 & D2 funds completing payouts into UST accounts is in order to start our T4B exchanges;
. .. He said that the fact that D1 & D2 are paying out for exchanges MEANS THE START OF THE SHOTGUN RELEASE IS UPON US NOW STILL THIS WEEK;
. ..He confirmed MarkZ and others that the top 5 Chinese Elders are pushing this out now with the Alliance, the DoD, and Trump behind the scenes, because the world needs this now as the bond market is imploding now (see and type in symbol TLT for an ETF of the bond market).
[3:09 PM]
. ..He is confirming MarkZ’s info that the T3-4A notifications are about to come out for bond sellers to access their funds, for other T3 adjudicated settlements recipients to access their account funds (Fines & Penalties, Native American Indian settlements, the Stimulus Bill Black Farmers Pickford settlements [$5 billion reported in media], etc) as well as for T3-4A groups;
. ..He is confirming Bruce’s info that the T3-4A bond sellers were told they would receive liquidity today Wed 17 March, and if they do receive today then we in T4B should follow receiving T4B notifications within 24 hours as part of the shotgun start–his info matches MarkZ’s that our T4B notifications could come out within hours to 24 hours of the T3-4A notifications, payouts, and account access starting;
. ..His current info is that following audits on the completed D2 fund payouts this morning Wed 17 March, orders were given to proceed this morning Wed 17 March and releases were given to start that process this afternoon–as Bruce said last night, T4B NOTIFICATIONS COULD COME IN TANDEM WITH THIS WITHIN 24 HOURS –SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT AND STAY READY TO GET THE NOTIFICATION EMAIL AND TO SET YOUR APPOINTMENTS.
. ..He said that UST (<DoD) has not been the only central bank holding things back–as MarkZ said this morning Wed 17 March, the European central banks have also held things back from Iraq declaring it’s rate today Wed 17 March, pushing HCL vote (+ budget + the new IQD rate) to Fri-Sat 19-20 March–he said this IRAQI TIMING is STILL CLOSE SO BE WATCHING FOR NOTIFICATIONS BETWEEN NOW AND THEN.
. ..He said he recommends we keep praying over all the details that any kind of Deep State interference, any further reasons by UST or European central banks to interfere, or any other interference, are ALL kept out of the way of the blessing arriving NOW THIS WEEK STILL.

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