Intel Updates NESARA and GESARA

Things started moving to move the GCR/RV reset to completion this morning Sat 6 March at 8:48am PST; he said lots is happening to bring it to completion.

Trump flew on Wed 3 March on Air Force One to Bern, Switzerland, to sign off on NESARA/GESARA protocols and funds from the Elders to downstream to T3-4A & us in T4B, Trump and the military put in high gear the implantation of the restored Republic protocols Thu 4 March through today Sat 6 March, while D1 and D2 accounts are being hydrated this weekend with bond liquidity for downstreaming to T3-T4A/B; he said we are very close to the shotgun liquidity start still within hours to a couple of days or so.

.Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the interim military govt, the 866 active military personnel working on getting the RV out, and the RV teams have all still been meeting twice a day to get the upper level bond redemption payouts completed, from which the funds will be downstreamed to T1-4 down to our T4B level, to get the RV / GCR shotgun start initiated and T4B started possibly Fri-Sat 5-6 March (according to Chase banker sources), but more likely Mon-Tue 8-9 March (according to the highest banker sources in Tier 1 banks).
. ..He is confirming that the military govt is still in control of this country and the Biden administration is still locked out of the White House and continues to be forced to use the fake Oval Office movie-set in the Amazon Castle Rock studio in Culver City, CA, and another set like it in Baltimore, MD, to do their White House video shoots and press conferences; He confirmed that further signs that the Biden administration is fake and is not controlling the military or other non-civilian security functions domestically and internationally are the following:
[12:33 AM]
. ..(1) Benjamin Fulford describes [Mon 1 March update] the following video of Biden boarding a commercial aircraft, noting that the aircraft is a COMMERICAL JETLINER that is painted to LOOK LIKE Air Force One, but which is MANIFESTLY NOT Air Force One –

  • Monkey Werx, the military aviator with 35 years of experience, says in his Wed 3 March update ( ) that in air traffic control aircraft call numbers, Biden’s aircraft is NEVER identified as Air Force One; this is still true while DoD military commanders continue to report to Trump in Mar-a-Lago FL, and while FOUR naval surveillance aircraft have been constantly flying over Trump’s location in FL, and TONS of fighter jets continue to be aloft at all times across the country as the restored Republic is being legally implemented behind the scenes today Thu 4 March through Sat 6 March;
    . ..More signs in the following video suggesting that Biden is a fake president: – In Fulford’s words, (2) “as Biden is boarding the plane, Central casting couldn’t find enough convincing-looking Secret Service agents so some with jeans and work boots had to do [not at all normal Secret Service dress]. [Our guy added, notice that the military officers saluting Biden do NOT have military stripes or insignia indicating they are fake CIA half-wit agents]
    Biden about to board “A PLANE”
    UPDATED: This video with pictures:

Look closely, Biden pulls up in filthy SUV. The guy standing by SUV door is in jeans and work boots?! Red carpet is for press. Biden gets no red carpet. Plane he boar…

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Dr. Sherri Te…

[12:33 AM]
. ..“(3) The so-called presidential vehicle looks like a rental SUV that has not been washed around the door handles in weeks. [the Deep State has a LOW BUDGET because they are OUT OF MONEY!!!]
. ..”(4) Notice how the “Prez” starts running up the steps until he stumbles, forgetting that the China-bought-and-paid-for Joe can barely walk now.”
. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that Trump is in his “winter White House” in Mar-a-Lago, FL, and all RV teams and the military are meeting with him to complete the RV shotgun start; he is confirming that Trump is still pushing the military and the RV teams to get it out now with the implementation behind the scenes of the restored Republic with its federal capital and treasury being set up on sovereign Native American territories around Houston and Austin TX.
. ..He is confirming that Trump did sign an EO before the 20 Jan fake Biden inauguration, giving the military control of the country for 120 days (through the 2nd half of May 2021), while Trump remains the only legitimately elected president, ensuring the current NESARA implementation of the restored Republic and the completion of the RV/GCR; Trump wrote the EO in such a way that no subsequent president, including the fake Biden, could change the terms of the 120-day authority assumed by the interim military govt.
[12:33 AM]
. .. He is confirming that one of the reasons that the shotgun start timing was moved from day before yesterday Tue-Wed 2-3 March to this weekend into next Mon-Tue 8-9 March, is that on early Wed morning 3 March, Deep State Iranian backed militias fired 10+ rockets into an Iraqi base housing US troops to scuttle the RV release (Wed 3/3—10 rockets strike Iraqi base hosting US troops Early Wed 3/3—New York Post ); he confirmed Fulford’s Mossad source that the US military govt has been negotiating a surrender agreement with the Deep State faction controlling Israel and the Deep State faction controlling Iran and that is being completed now ( ) under the threat of overt and covert military action against these Deep State factions unless they surrender immediately; this comes, our guy said, in the wake of the execution behind the scenes of the former global Deep State head, the “Pindar,” Benjamin de Rothschild, who was arrested in mid-January and whose military tribunal ended in his execution in later February; so as Fulford’s sources said, the Deep State is panicking and there are no takers who want to take Benjamin de Rothschild’s place as head of the global Deep State and make themselves targets of the Alliance military special forces. THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, as the Deep State Freemason pedo-satanist child traffickers and murderers are being hunted down and eliminated as we speak.
New York Post
10 rockets strike Iraqi base hosting US troops
Ten rockets struck an Iraqi base hosting US troops on Wednesday morning, security sources said. No fatalities were immediately reported in the attack on Ain al-Asad air base, which also houses Iraq…

[12:34 AM]
. ..He confirmed that the higher level bonds have been paying out into T3-4A accounts this past week and the goal this weekend (6-7 March) is to finish paying out higher level bond redemptions into D1 and D2 accounts for the shotgun start downstreaming liquidity to T3-4A and T4B accounts as the shotgun start is initiated any day now.
. ..He is confirming MarkZ’s info that MarkZ was “told long ago that when [the bond market] hit [a low level it is hitting now] we would have an implosion and a reset. [GCR / RV] ….and it is moving [down] fast…I don’t think they can hide the bad financial news anymore which tells me they are getting awfully close to [releasing the RV/GCR].”
. ..He is confirming again that all the NESARA national federal debt packages have to START being paid out, same internationally for GESARA, when the T5 public STARTS EXCHANGING on Mon 15 March; so we in T4B HAVE TO BE STARTED IN HOURS-TO-DAYS to make the deadline of FINISHING T4B exchanges-redemptions BY MON 15 MARCH with 8-10 days of Secure Web links and 800#s out before then for us in T4B to make our redemption-exchange appointments; he said again, do the math and BE HAPPY AND EXPECTANT TO BE STARTED IN HOURS-TO-A-FEW DAYS.(edited)
[12:40 AM]
. ..He said he is confirming Mr Fleming’s sources that the COVID-19 scamdemic is manifestly being more and more exposed as a fraudulent scam and continues unraveling:
[12:41 AM]
. ..(1)(edited)

[12:42 AM]
. ..(2) Wed 24 Feb—Lawyers from Multiple Countries Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID-19 Fraudulent Pandemic Numbers Scam | Real Virus Dangerous Only to Some, Amplified by Fraud PCR Test False Positives and Fraudulent Infection & Death Rate Numbers, All with financial motivations to fraudulently inflate the numbers | Principia Scientific Intl. — German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and thousands of attorneys around the world have a class-action lawsuit suing public health officials in multiple countries for the “Covid-19 Scandal” saying that all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages due to manipulations and falsified test protocols that cost countless lives, businesses, and livelihoods.
Principia Scientific Intl.
John O’Sullivan
Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam | …
Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum. In this respect, it is worth recalling that […]

[12:43 AM]
. ..He said again prayers are appreciated especially when coupled with a high expectancy vibration of gratitude to usher in the blessings that are coming now to us to be a blessing to the world

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