Intel Update: Removal of The Deep State

Intel Update, 1/27/21 The preparation for the shotgun start has still been going strong today Tue 26 Jan; he said there were orders from DoD early this morning at 1 AM EST to push things forward and then again at 4pm EST and then at at about 8pm EST a green light for release was given to start some time over the next day or so.

He has the same info MarkZ has that yesterday and today Mon-Tue 25-26 Jan group leaders, paymasters, attorneys and others were traveling to be back in position in their banking centers for the shotgun release to start at any time now; his info is that many key people are in place for the start as of this evening Tue 26 Jan; as MarkZ said.

These people needed to be in place to handle the shotgun start of liquidity release and the start of exchanges; he agreed with MarkZ’s statement that the way they are ramping up and getting everyone in position is an indication of how close the shotgun start is this week; he agrees THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS!

[9:57 PM]
. .. He is confirming that redemption centers are fully staffed, and as MarkZ’s redemption center contacts said, this is the first week that redemption centers have planned for being fully staffed in anticipation of the start; he is confirming Texas Snake’s banker who had indicated that we need to be ready from today Tue 26 Jan onward this week for start of exchanges–THESE ARE VERY GOOD SIGNS!

. .. He has the same info that MarkZ has from his govt sources that they are looking for a revaluation (RV) of the Dollar now, this being in keeping with the US Comptroller of Currency Office which is expecting the US Dollar to revalue (RV) tomorrow Wed 27 Jan and for the digital gold-backed, asset-backed USN dollar to be fully functional for exchanges from tomorrow onward and thereafter for the public after T4B exchanges are completed in February.

. .. He confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that today Tue 26 Jan T3-4A paymasters were given pre-advice letters of liquidity, committing the issuing banks to issue the liquidity to be downstreamed into end-recipient accounts starting at a certain time this week ( );
Dictionary of International Trade
What is Pre-advice? Definition and meaning
Definition of Pre-advice: In letters of credit, at the request of an applicant, the issuing bank may give a pre-advice of issuance and/or amendment of the letter of credit. A

[9:57 PM]
. .. He is confirming that bond seller recipient account holders were told to expect their notification emails giving them instructions on how to access their account funds by tomorrow Wed 27 Jan; and his info is the same as Bruce’s that our T4B notifications will come in the shotgun release sequence either at roughly the same time or just after the bond seller account holders receive their notifications to access;
. .. So his info is that T4B notifications are expected at some point in the release sequence within the next 24 or 48 hours, so he said ALL NEED TO BE READY AND WATCHING YOUR INBOXES for your notification emails for the rest of this week.

. .. He is confirming that ARRESTS HAVE CONTINUED happening behind the scenes, including arrests of politicians, inside and outside of DC, confirming rumors of Deep State controlled senators and congress people being arrested and detained over the past several days, and he is confirming rumors that early yesterday morning Mon 25 Jan political elites “at a darkened White House were arrested and taken away” (people calling the White House switchboard yesterday Mon 25 Jan got the unusual message, “The White House office is temporarily Closed” [ Mon 25 Jan White House operator recording here: ] and our guy said this confirms his info that Biden’s team are not in the White House, but are being detained and arrested behind the scenes); he is confirming that the early Mon morning 25 Jan 3-6am EST lights out or black out of the White House and the Washington Monument were part of the operation;
1/25/2021 White House is Closed – Message !

[9:58 PM]
. .. He said that last Fri 22 Jan, Juan O Savin had said that the interim military govt was about to remove and arrest Biden and the traitor Deep State politicians in DC  and our guy said that has been underway since last weekend and continues now with the 4,000 deputized National Guard soldiers acting as US Marshalls making the arrests;
. . . He is confirming that the massive internet and network outage on the east coast today Tue 26 Jan from about 11am EST to about 4pm EST was cover for Special Operations (SOF) units making arrests of Deep State bad guys ( “East Coast Hit with Massive Internet Outage,” Tue 26 Jan );

Juan O’Savin – A summary of what is going on.

East Coast hit with massive internet outage, disrupting remote work…
Many people living on America’s East Coast were without Internet for part of Tuesday because of Verizon Fios service issues.

Today at 11:46 AM
[9:59 PM]
. .. He said that there is a lot of disclosure that is continuing to come out now, exposing the crimes of the Deep State rats in the Russia hoax Mueller probe and impeachment of Trump and on Obamagate;
. .. He said that (1) DISCLOSURE OF DEEP STATE CRIMES and (2) MASS ARRESTS behind the scenes to be made public soon WERE ALWAYS EXPECTED when the top 5 Chinese Elders and DoD were releasing the global GCR / RV; he said the release now is a THIRD WEAPON for CHECK-MATING THE DEEP STATE GLOBALLY which is another reason the white hats are releasing it now; he agrees with MarkZ and his sources that financial markets globally are imploding sooner than later and the financial implosion “monster” is spiraling all economies and banks down at exponentially faster and faster speeds, so that the RV / GCR shotgun MUST be pushed out now by DoD and UST;
. .. He said despite it being a Deep State choice, Janet Yellen needed to be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury, which happened yesterday Mon 25 Jan, as another piece to the puzzle to get the RV shotgun start going this week;
[9:59 PM]
. .. His info is that though the Iraqi Parliament finished its 3rd reading of the budget and passed it last Sat 23 Jan, for security purposes the budget with the Dinar RV rate will not be made public in the GOI Gazette until after the shotgun start has happened and after T4B notifications have started going out; he said the serious nature of security issues is clear when we remember that only last Thu 21 Jan the 2 Baghdad suicide bombers killed 32 and seriously injured dozens of other people ( and he repeated that that was Deep State Iranian/ISIS retaliation for the RV being pushed out now in Iraq & globally.
. .. He agrees with Bruce: God knows the beginning from the end, and our guy appreciates continued prayers that we all would get through the fiery furnace of enduring to the end, appearing now to be coming in the next 24-48 hours, prayers are appreciated that the release would be successfully carried over the finish line now.(edited)
Hindustan Times
Twin suicide bombings kill at least 32 in Baghdad
The officials said two explosions hit a commercial center in central Baghdad.

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