Intel Drops: The Global Currency Reset is all about the Children

Intel Drops, On Sunday, May 23rd the military was planning to storm the White House, but it could be sooner. Expect anything.

This summary of information is from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.

This could be it. Generals of all branches of the military agreed that the United States is in deep peril – they are going to fight for a Constitutional Republic.

Conflict is between Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional Freedom and Liberty.”…

According to three well connected contacts the date for possible Tier 4B notification has been changed from by Fri. 21 May to by Mon. 24 May, although it could happen by Sat. 22 May, or Sun. 23 May.

There were a number of reasons for this such as this week’s numerous interruptions to cell phones and the Internet because of the changeover from the old satellite system to the Quantum Computer Starlink Satellite System, Cyber Attacks by the Cabal, flushing out all the bad guys as the money rolled out, with over 16,000 arrests, plus interface issues of aligning thousands of banks across the globe for the Global Currency Reset.

Bruce: Sat-Sun 22, 23 May were possibilities for Tier 4B to receive notification, but more likely it would happen on Mon. 24 May.

On Mon. 24 May the Redemption Centers were scheduled to be open from 9 am to 11 pm.

There would be fourteen days of Zim redemption and currency exchanges at the special rates, though appointments could be set up to 30 days away.

After the fourteen days, Zim redemption and the special rates would end and the general public would begin exchanging at the new international rates.

Restored Republic:

When The Event goes down, President Trump will be sending out 7 Presidential messages to everyone’s phone worldwide. 7 P’s AKA 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms.

Soon World War III would be announced – a Black Swan Event with shutdown incoming. Major Cyber Attacks, internet outages worldwide were happening right now. The Stock Market and Bitcoin were going down in the biggest financial crash in human history – that would result in a Blackout and Ten Days of Darkness for the Global Currency Reset. Pack your bags and hold on tight! This was bound to be a crazy ride!

“On Sunday, May 23rd the military was planning to storm the White House, but looks like they are going in sooner. Expect anything. This could be it. Generals of all branches of the military met and agreed the United States is in deep peril – they are going to fight for a Constitutional Republic. Conflict is between Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional Freedom and Liberty.”…

On 4 May 2020 US Inc. was dissolved.

On 8 May 2021 NESARA began rolling out.

Cyber Attacks Everywhere Worldwide: 70 European and South American Banks under attack by bizarro Banking Malware.

On Wed. 19 May there was panic in DC as arrests were underway, part of the 16,000 arrests globally in the last few days.

Thurs. 20 May was the end of the Q Clock and Military 60 Day Extension Order as per US President Trump EO.

At some point soon the Military would implement a False Flag at the White House/Capitol Hill as the pretext to take down the fake Biden administration and remove it as a belligerent foreign (Deep State) power from USA soil.

Fri. 21 May: Biden set to resign

A. Thurs. 20 May 2021 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

Sat-Sun 22, 23 May were possibilities for Tier 4B to receive notification, but more likely it would happen on Mon. 24 May.

On Mon. 24 May the Redemption Centers were scheduled to be open from 9 am to 11 pm.

We will have redemption for 14 days.

Tier 5, the general public, will begin after Tier 4B has finished.

In the US there were two different numbers to call, one for Zim holders and one for currency holders.

Bond holders would receive 1% of their exchange at their exchange.

Tier 4B would receive 2% of their exchange at their exchange.

Zim holders should have an idea of how much they need to set up their project in the first 90 days until their interest comes in.

If you only have currency you should be able to get full access to all of your exchange at your exchange.

There have been major interruptions to the Internet and cell phones because of the changeover to the Starlink Satellite System.

There would be a $230.00 increase in Social Security payouts beginning in June.

B. Thurs. 20 May WhipLash347 Telegram:

Naturally when you reverse the 1871 Act Of England then the world needs a new make up to share the wealth: Nesara/Gesara. When the EVENT goes down, President Trump will be sending out 7 Presidential Msgs to everyone’s phone worldwide. aka 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms.

Again removing this ACT removes the Commonwealth. All Constitutions on the Crown are removed & we go to 1776 Common Law. That is where we go to the CASTLE ROCK Scenario. (ACTIVATION of a WW3 Scenario) DEFCON SCARE. All Judges, Lawyers & Police must stand down on Earth & learn 1776 Common Law. The corrupt ones are all arrested by Military.

C. Thurs. 20 May Ginger Telegram: The following post is an overview for those who don’t know what this GCR/RV is all about. Most people think these three things are basically the same event, not true. Each one is different.

The GCR – the Global Currency Reset – has two separate factors or parts of the whole even.

The First factor: two hundred and nine countries of the world have signed a treaty in 2014 and will reset the value of their currency through the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) to be on parity with all other nations of the world. That means the value of the one Dong will be the same as the value of one dollar, or any other national currency. The real value will be felt in international trade. The Global reset means that Forex Trading for profit will be of little value as the reset will stabilize currencies and would not be subject to manipulation of currency by any government or corporation. It will affect the export markets as well, to accommodate a country’s balance of trade. Obviously, Fiat Currencies will never work in such a structured, internationally balanced Quantum Financial System (QFS).

To accomplish this parity, a mathematical formula was created, by some very intelligent economist types (the QFS Super Artificial Intelligence), to take a conglomerate of economic data, apply a predetermined value to each data point and come up with a value for each country. This value, compared to other countries, has more to do with, the amount of currency put into circulation in that country, than it has to do with the value of its currency. The, use factor, of the amount of currency in a countries economy, must balance the problem of supply and demand of currency while still maintaining consistent value within the international community. A problem of no small consequence for those who plan the world economy around currency and economical parity and how to accomplish this.

The Second factor in the reset, is digital Gold backed currency. To back the currency with Gold in the new QFS financial system means there is a digital Gold certificate that says you can exchange that piece of digital currency for a real piece of Gold. That means you can use either a piece of Gold or a piece of Gold backed digital money to make a purchase. Digital Money is used for convenience instead of carrying around Gold pieces. Both have the same value. The common denominator of the value of any currency is the backing of that currency by a valued commodity or asset.

While in-ground assets and other types of assets, as well as, the economy of the country, etc., plays into the parity of that currency, Gold is the most visible and universal standard to determine value. In the new QFS Digital Financial System, Gold is used as the leveling factor that buffers diversities within each country as compared to another.

As we Exchange our old Fiat currencies for the new Gold backed currencies, we are, in effect exchanging the entire old Cabal debt slavery Financial System for a brand new, QFS Gold backed Financial System. The Central Bank of each country will once again be a part of their Treasury Department and not owned by outside private entities like the Federal Reserve Banking system, who function for their own greed and agenda. The old system is dead in the water just like an old Battleship that is no longer functionable and of little value, except for target practice.

The Gold, used by the Chinese Elders [🔹️The good guys! They’re not the commies!] – to create this new QFS digital money, stands as the backing for all currencies in the world. There is plenty of Gold or assets to back these currencies, in fact, more than sufficient to accomplish a new QFS monetary system for the entire world, and to flood it with asset backed digital cash. We get to say goodbye and good riddance, to the Cabal financial system of debt slavery.

The Cabal created wars to accomplish their aims of dominion and control over Humanity. The RV: No longer as slaves, are we.

I was told last month the military will not wait for audit results because they have all the evidence and confessions, including one from former CIA Director Gina Haspel who was shot by Special Forces during a raid in Europe two months ago and is currently at Guantanamo Bay. Now the word is public the military is planning to storm the White House. I was told it might happen on Sunday, May 23rd but looks like they are going in sooner to remove imposters. Expect anything. This could be it. Generals of all branches of the military met in person and agreed the United States is in deep peril, they are going to fight for a Constitutional Republic. Conflict is between Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty. They listed threats.

Charlotte, N.C. – More than 150 missing and/or runaway children were located in North Carolina, officials say. During Wednesday’s weekly press conference, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department joined with several of its partners to share the success of Operation Carolina Homecoming, which was a collaborative effort focused on the recovery of missing and runaway juveniles in the Charlotte area where previous efforts to locate them had been unsuccessful. Prior to the start of the operation, work by Detectives and Marshals resulted in the recovery of more than 130 missing and runaway juveniles. Following this preliminary effort, Detectives and Marshals launched the intensive recovery efforts of Operation Carolina Homecoming. Between April 26 and May 7, 2021, two-person teams consisting of CMPD’s Missing Person Unit detectives, United States Marshal Service deputies and the Department of Public Safety Missing Persons Unit conducted extensive searches and located 27 more missing juveniles.

Did Back to the Future predict 9/11, or was it all planned? There’s way too many coincidences. Globalists/Deep-State & Plandemic Secrets. Everyone Must See ASAP. All The Best Documentaries 100% FREE In One Place! Visit And Share:

During a market crash, recessions and depressions where do you think the money goes? You think it disappears? Where does it flow? Into which pockets? If people, companies and banks are going bankrupt, where is the money? Evaporated, burned?

Time for the masses to open their eyes. Nothing disappears. It just flows back to the top of the pyramid. That’s what they were calling the harvest. They get their investments back in their wealthy elites pockets. Now it’s different, this is the end of a dark Cabal world and the beginning of a new world, a new era. We are just transferring to a Golden era. From corrupt fiat petro dollars to GESARA/NESARA Quantum Financial System (QFS) Crypto Gold backed decentralized for The People.

We are witnessing the end of the dark Cabal world. God won! We won! Trust the plan. It’s already here, it’s already done. Everything will be made public. We are in the Storm! The Great Flood! The Swamp is getting drained and cleaned up completely.

This is a good moment to meditate and celebrate. Do not fear, do not worry. Everything will come back way better, real soon. This is the end of one world and the beginning of a new world – both at the same time. This looks like (X). Why XRP and XLM is the ONE world crypto currencies that will help us transcend to the new world. Love you all!

F. Thurs. 20 May (Q) The Storm Rider Twitter: Past hour: Russia (RU) amassing forces in Kaliningrad>North of Poland/ _Kazakstan MiL. On the Move w/RU forces _Turkey on the Move w/RU in Syria province _RU heavy Move

G. Thurs. 20 May Whiplash347 Telegram:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Goes Nuclear – Threatens ARRESTS After Election Audit Discovery

JUST IN – Iran’s President Rouhani says today that the West has agreed to lift all sanctions and the main agreement has been reached. Meanwhile, Hamas’ Iranian-backed military wings signal an imminent cease-fire with Israel. So Now Iran can start the Nuclear Standoff. The Incredible Drop may just be about to happen120 Days from Inauguration.

In Hunt for Red October there was a very tense STAND OFF. Soviet Union & USA were on the brink of War. Think Nuclear Stand-off. Define Nuclear Stand-off. IRAN is next. Will it bring Ch y Na into it?

JUST IN – Israel’s Netanyahu: The true backer of much of this aggression is Iran. They provide financing and weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran sent an armed drone to Israel from Iraq or Syria. @disclosetv

BREAKING! Hijackers have taken control of an aircraft over Europe. A Poland Air Force aircraft has been hijacked and is now moving west towards the Atlantic Ocean. It is unknown how many are onboard, and if any are American citizens.

Did they say cyber weapon 780th Military Intelligence Brigade (Cyber) “I’m sitting in a purpose-built global power projection platform. The cyber weapon system actually resides here… We’re conducting operations 24-7 from this facility and other facilities.

Btc dump orchestrated. Remember it’s all scripted.

Real Raw News: Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 3 Guilty! – Real Raw News: On Thursday, the Office of Military Commissions, Rear Adm. Crandall presiding, segued away from Podesta’s fascination with small children and focused instead on criminal actions.

The New York Times uncovered that Apple is involved in large-scale surveillance and censorship at the behest of China.

It is sad, but not surprising: big tech companies often choose profits over freedoms. Apple is very efficient at pursuing their business model, which is based on selling overpriced, obsolete hardware to customers locked in their ecosystem. Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS app I feel like I’m thrown back into the Middle Ages.

The iPhone’s 60Hz displays can’t compete with the 120Hz displays of modern Android phones that support much smoother animations.The worst part of Apple’s tech though is not clunkier devices or outdated hardware. Owning an iPhone makes you a digital slave of Apple – you are only allowed to use apps that Apple lets you install via their App Store, and you can only use Apple’s iCloud to natively back up your data.

It’s no wonder that Apple’s totalitarian approach is so appreciated by the Communist Party of China, which – thanks to Apple – now has complete control over the apps and data of all its citizens who rely on iPhones.

Apple supports censorship. China supports censorship. What a Shame! Apple will release a software update in the coming days. If you do not know and do not want to know, you will stay in this cycle forever. But if you know, you know!

J. Thurs. 20 May Israel-Hamas Agree to Cease Fire:

K. Sat. 15 May Supreme Court Judge Barrett on House Arrest by Military: Military Puts SCJ Amy Coney Barrett on House Arrest – Real Raw News

L. CV-19/ Vaccination Hoax:

OSHA says Employers Liable

Writes Luis P. Almeida: Hi Lew, OSHA regulations now consider adverse effects to the COVID vaccine work related if employers force employees to get vaccinated. “If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.” More information here. I wonder if colleges and universities forcing their students to vaccinate can also be held liable. What about …

M. Exchange/Redemption Instructions Summary

The below is a summary of information put out by reliable sources. As things change on a daily basis the below may not be totally accurate. Be sure to follow the information given on your email notification and the Secure Link Website.

It is my understanding that the Secured Link Website, 800#s, setting of appointments at Redemption Centers and banks, plus being able to chose the location and time for your appointment would apply to all currency and Zim holders worldwide.

Each country will have their own set of procedures they have to follow. There will be instructions on what to do in the emails. Some countries will be doing exchanges through the mail, others strictly through the banks.

Exchange/ Redemption Appointment Notification:

Email notification through secure mail servers will be sent to those who bought foreign currencies or Zim bonds at reputable dealers.

Inside those notifications will be exchange/ redemption instructions that would direct you to a specific website, or personal 800 number.

Banks will send out email notifications (WF, BoA, Chase). They have been adding to the email list for years. Emails came from dealers who sold on-line, and they update that daily. Information is on secure servers. When anyone purchases currency and/or Zim from a licensed dealer you email address was supplied to the US Treasury, along with the amount of the currency/ Zim.

For the last couple of years there have been background checks on everyone that has purchased currency/Zim. The background check included any names that may appear on any of the numerous lists of gang members, organized crime, etc. Also there is a very basic check that is done to see if there are any outstanding warrants or pending charges. Those checks have been done on 99 percent of all currency/Zim holders.

If you did a crime that was against humanity, murder, rape etc., – you will not be able to exchange. Just because someone has been convicted of a crime, may not be prevented from exchanging as long as it did not involve moral turpitude. If you are connected to a crime family, murdered someone, gangs, etc. – you won’t be able to participate. Your family will be prevented as well. 99% of people with currency have had background checks done already. The only ones they can legally do – is with those with outstanding warrants. If you are not connected to crime families, drug dealers, you can participate.

Safelink Website:

If you did not get an email or have changed your email address you could go to a Safelink Website to obtain the same information. The SafeWeb link will be posted on various sites, including the Blog, MZ, Dinar Recaps, Fleming’s Telegram, Discord and Intel on word press.

The SafeWeb link will work for Canada. RBC taken over by another bank and will be handling it. Link will work for Canada. 800 numbers work for Mexico and Canada and may even work for other countries.

On the SafeWeb link you will not be talking to a live person. You will be asked questions based on information that is publicly available. There may be 4-5 questions. They may ask if you have currency, Zim or both –just answer. They do not care what you have – they just want to get you the correct number. They will not ask you what currencies you have. If you do not have Zim, you will go to one place. If you have both you may go to another location. There are different situations. You do not need to provide how much you have or serial numbers.

Once you successfully answer questions you will then receive an 800# specific to you. Part of that number could use part of your phone number or part of your IP address. Once you make appt. that 800 number is not good again.

Your appointment would be specific to you and no one else.

If another member needed to make an appointment then they would go thru the same process as you to obtain their own appointment.

You could give the Safelink Website to anyone, even if they didn’t know about the RV/GCR.

No one is going to get a higher rate than anyone else if you are getting your notification off the Safe link Web Sites.

Preparing for your appointment:

You will have only one redemption/ exchange appointment where the main purpose is to exchange currencies and redeem bonds. The appointment will be short and efficient. You can discuss details in a second appointment with your Wealth Management team.

Have your currency in order and take every currency and Zim bond you have to your appointment. They will exchange it all and redeem all Zim Bonds.

Have a 1-2 page summary – key points – of your Humanitarian and job creation projects.

Organize your currency by country and from the highest to the lowest.

Have two forms of ID: Drivers License, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.

Have proof of where you live such as gas bill, electric bill, bank statement, etc.

Judy Note: If you are homeless I would suggest having yourself and someone who knows of your situation and who could prove their own identity, sign a notarized statement about your situation. Most banks provide free notary service.

Non Disclosure Agreements:

The Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a fundamental process in ALL big contract business. Remember that you are about to become “a Ultra High Net Worth Individual” and your Non Disclosure Agreement forbids you from:

1. Talking about your appointment.

2. What you are exchanging.

3. What rates you achieved in any format whatsoever ever.

The first brief NDA would be signed electronically and generated by the Safe Link Website from which we will get our T4B 800#s to make our exchange-redemption appointments.

The second NDA would be signed in hard-copy at the exchange-redemption appointment.

All calls and voicemails will be recorded, all phone call logs are logged, all text messages are recorded, Twitter is monitored (if active), Facebook is monitored (if active), all social networks and forums are monitored, all devices are connected to departmental systems of the Federal Government and they will be looking to cancel redemptions for anyone who breaks the Non-Disclosure Agreement by discussing the RV exchanges, their appointments or redemptions etc.

These will approximately be 90 days (possibly longer ) NDA’s

Certain words will not be allowed to be mentioned. If you need to speak to specific friends, family or anyone related to your projects, make sure to add them to your NDA addendum/ exemption paperwork. Be careful not to send unnecessary messages or information that goes against the law. These are legal agreements we are signing! Avoid sharing confidential information with your friends and family. Even telling your children puts you at risk….be very careful!!! Be aware of your surroundings. Everything you text, write or say can be used against you because of your NDA. Don’t take any chances.


This will come into effect as you complete information on the Safelink website.

There are some mechanics within the Safelink website that requires you to agree to NDA before you receive the 800 number to call.

If you are taking a guest with you to your appointment, tell the phone operator. They will be required to also sign NDA and ask them to bring their KYC documents.

You will not get responses from any mods/admin.

There are exemptions to your NDA who need to know this information and are hell bent on knowing proof and source of funds eg. lawyers, wealth manager, accountants etc. They are already covered with confidentiality within their professional registrations. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them to sign another one with you directly.

Ask your banking team to let you have an NDA template that you can use back to back with yours. Print out several copies.

When you get to the appointment you will be re-signing the NDA in wet ink. Ask if you can add a short list of exemptions, eg spouse kids etc. Take that list with you and make sure it is attached to the NDA before you sign it.

Your Appointment:

Bring in all of your foreign currencies. If you have currency that is not part of the 22 currencies, it can be placed in a multicurrency account and exchanged when rate changes and will be done automatically.

Military will exchange on bases. Tier 4B will be going to Redemption Centers because of the amount of currency and have been set up specifically for that.

At one point they were going to show a video and now they are not. They could run everyone through in 3 days if they worked 24-hour days.

At all times be polite, don’t get angry, don’t be demanding or you will be escorted out the door and you will lose your chance to redeem or exchange.

If anything is not clear to you, ask questions.

You and anyone you take with you to your appointment will have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that you will have to abide by or your accounts will be frozen. Once you sign NDA – keep your mouth shut or you will have funds removed. Do not talk to relatives, what you got paid etc. That is a no-no.

You may have to fill out a KYC (Know your Client/Customer) form, if you have project summary/outline, or job creation.

You will sit there till they call your name. Because of Covid will not be able to shake hands.

They will count your currency and Zim so you know what you have.

Then they will make offer on Zim, not much conversation. You can either accept or reject. We do not know what the default rate is. If you want higher rate, will set another appt either that day or different day.

They will go through your overview of your humanitarian project to see if you know what you are talking about. You will be given opportunity to negotiate a rate for the humanitarian project.

The appointment will be about 15-20 minutes. You will go back to meet with WM (Wealth Managers), may be able to do the same day.

At your appointment you will be given $9,000 in cash and a preloaded debit card with 2% of your exchange on the card up to 10 million.

You can talk with WM they can get letters to show you have funds for purchases. You will do most things at 2nd meeting, within 15 days.

The money will be digital but will be able to draw funds from ATM or bank. They are still working on the details and we may not know until we go to appointments.

You don’t have to have a trust account to go in. The bank has a skeleton trust – and puts the bank in charge until you can get into a common law trust and then you are in control. This is why you set an appt. within 15 days after exchange.

At your appointment your monies will be put in a Skeleton Trust. You will have 90 days to transfer your monies out of that trust to where you want it to go.

After your appointment you will want to open one non-interest bearing account for each Currency & Zim. You can work with your lawyer or Wealth Management team to place the monies in trust accounts.

You will be assigned a Wealth Management team that will facilitate your humanitarian projects and advise you on how to manage and grow your money.

Get signed original copies of everything at your appointment and sign CONTINGENT on approval from your Wealth Mngmt Team.

Tier 1 Banks: Chase, 5th Third, Citi, Wells Fargo, BofA, HSBC

Abide by your Non Disclosure Agreement or all of your monies will be frozen.

Stay hidden. Do not disclose your wealth to anyone. Sudden wealth can ruin your life if you allow it to.

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.

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