Kerry is David’s guest as they ponder whether the elusive Juan O Savin is indeed JFK Jr.

Is J.F.Kennedy jr. alive? check out the response of General Flynn.. Below Video

Lin Wood: The FBI is the “clean up” crew for the CIA when one of the CIA’s illegal covert operations in the United States goes awry and is exposed (which happens often because the CIA is as incompetent now as it was in 1961 when it orchestrated the Bay of Pigs fiasco). The CIA gets the FBI to send in J. Edgar Hoover’s people in housekeeping skirts to mop up the evidence. Drain the swamp, President Trump!!!

Facebook Employees participating in the “Vaccine Hesitancy” algorithm will face criminal charges for Crimes Against Humanity.

Any Facebook Employee who currently does not wish to serve out either a life sentence in prison OR execution by Military Tribunal needs to come clean before July 2021.

Those who are brave and who speak out against the crimes being committed by Facebook will be protected through the court of public opinion as this bombshell report puts the comments of Majorie Taylor Greene well within her rights that “forced” Kevin McCarthy to expose himself as a Bejing controlled after striking a secret deal with Biden for more political power in exchange for cooperation.

Sometimes, you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer when in power to ensure that proper traps can be placed that they walk into. This will not end well for [them]. The people are awake. We are at the precipice now. NOTHING can stop what is coming. NOTHING.

Quantum Financial System (QFS) And Global Currency Reset (GCR) NESARA GESARA Act

The Quantum Financial System