In the Middle East: Iran hits 6 Ships – Captures one with Iranian special forces

Rapid escalation: Iran hits six (!) Ships – Captures one with special forces result!
Informs the Security Council of Israel
According to the latest information, two security sources quoted by Reuters report that the Iranian forces seized one of the six tankers that were “out of control and out of control” near the UAE coast.
As a result, Iran hit six ships instead of four, according to initial reports.
The captains of all six tankers announced almost simultaneously through the AIS system that they “do not have control” of their ships.

“They were in the same area and in the same place. That’s very rare, ” said Ranjith Raja, a shipping expert.

Ship HIJACKED As Armed Individuals Believed to Have Seized Tanker Off UAE Coast

“Not all ships can lose their engines or their ability to steer at the same time.”

Most likely, Iran launched a cyber attack, killing the systems of the six ships to immobilize them and then capture at least one.
An amphibious vessel of the Iranian Guards Navy was located in the area shortly before the attack.

Iran launched an extreme war by hitting four ships in the Arabian Sea and capturing one.

8-9 men of the Iranian special forces fired at the tanker “Asphalt Princess” and captured it.
Military sources say the attack was carried out by Iranian Guards in an effort to negotiate and prevent an Israeli-US attack. They blackmail free navigation with a vehicle ”

Iranian Guards have captured the ship Asphalt Princess
The company recently confirmed that the Panamanian-flagged ship “Asphalt Princess” was seized in the Arabian Sea en route to the Straits of Hormuz.

The attack took place off the coast of the UAE in the Sea of ​​Oman. According to the first information, the Iranian Guards have captured at least one ship and taken it to Iran.

The other three ships have been damaged by mines and must have been “cyber- attacked ” as the commanders said they “do not have control of the ship” .

Oman C-295 flies in the area on a SAR mission. There is a great mobilization of the 5th Fleet and Britain.

Military sources said the Iranian Guards tried to seize all four ships, including the GOLDEN BRILLIANT, which was hit by a mine near the port of Fujairah.

Shortly afterwards, the Golden Brilliant tanker reported that it was “out of control” in the Gulf of Oman. This means that “the ship could not maneuver, something that happens in exceptional cases”.

Israeli media report that “the crews of 4 ships off the coast of Iran announced that they have no control in the afternoon. “British sources note that this is piracy by the Iranian Guards.”

Iran closes its airspace
Israeli Foreign Minister V. Gantz and Foreign Minister Lapid will brief the ambassadors of the permanent members of the UN Security Council tomorrow on the attacks in Iran.

Iran prepares for conflict. NOTAM closes the airspace of Tehran ports tomorrow due to fear of drone attacks.

Iran blocks GNSS satellite navigation system to prevent any retaliation from Israel! With a NOTAM issued it states that the GPS signals will be blocked in the north of Iran until 19:30 on August 5. Pilots are advised to rely on their INS while flying over Tehran.
At the same time, the Iranian Guards will begin two-day exercises with ballistic missiles due to fears of an attack by Israel.
The country’s air defense is on war alert.