In The Ghetto, The Summer Never Ends…

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins,

When the Beach Boys sang about an “Endless Summer,” their endless summer was one that revolved around surfing, drinking beer, and making out with honey-blond virgins in hopes of getting to third base. Nevertheless, when the days got shorter, the Beach Boys’ endless summers ended; and it was back to school to prepare for real life.

The endless summers in the Ghetto, where real life is one long “class cut,” never end. There is no school, no rules, and no responsibilities.


Black ghetto life is run by children who are on perpetual summer vacation. They have no cares or worries, stay out all hours to drink, use drugs, and engage in random sex. They live inside real life games of Mortal Kombat and what was once known as Cops and Robbers when it was innocently played by white kids.

The summer never ends for these black children. They either end up in prison, where they continue a modified game of endless summer, or they end up killed by another endless summer child or a cop. If these things don’t get them, it finally ends at the ripe old age of 25 for the females – now with four children by four different endless summer boys – or 30 for the endless summer boys who are still alive and not in prison. The males who make it to 30 “graduate” to being hardcore professional criminals.

Like human peacocks begging for attention, they wear the most bizarre clothing possible. They are never ever criticized by anyone. When cold weather comes, they wander into school to get their free breakfast and stay warm until midday, when they can begin roaming the streets again.

Because they have no real families, they create families with other endless summer children. In these families, their suppressed and unspoken dreams of having a father are fulfilled by a gang leader who himself had no father and has no concept of how to be one.

Like other third world savages around the world, they use violence and procreation to prove their “manhood” and claim to leadership.

Female endless summer children are occasionally overcome by maternal instincts and become the docile baby factories they have always been fated to be.

Both male and female endless summer children are eager to latch onto the ideas they are fed by liberals who tell them their problems are not their fault; but are caused by white conservative Republicans who insist they follow “white” ways of living. This works perfectly because of the natural willingness to blame those who are nameless and faceless as opposed to those who hand out the welfare cheese every two weeks.

Being uneducated, they rely on what they are told by liberals; and those who do vote are cunning enough to make the connection between continuing to live their carefree life and voting Democrat.

With everything else handed to them, they demand an entertainment. Like others who legitimately live lives with no responsibility, boredom takes over. Bored Whitey doesn’t riot–he uses drugs– but the Ghetto endless summer children riot for entertainment. Sadly, right on cue in Baltimore, they were told they have a right to riot to protest the real life “cops and robbers” death of one of their own.

At this writing, Baltimore’s endless summer continues.

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