Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality

The Nobel Laureate warns: “Every time you watch a crime, the death penalty follows the inodulging of the crib”

In an interview, French virológ and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier accounted for Corona’s politics and mass inoculations. He blames the inoms for the so-called mutations of the vortex.

It’s not from nieko, but from the man who has to do it. Luc Montagnier – virológ and nobel laureate. Takmer, a 90-year-old Francuze, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2008 along with his colleague Francois Barre-Sinoussi for his aids/HIV patogen. Montagnier knows faith well. Preto exploded the spelling of an expert on corona inoculated and corona vortex ako bomb. In an interview on the RAIR Foundation USA website, virológ accused the inoculations of corona vortex mutations.


Montagnier is currently a scathing person who, after being vaccinated, has taken a break from Covid, which is caused by the death of many young people. Súčasú calls the policy of mass inoction a serious mistake. It’s a “vedec error and a mistake of the lekárska. It’s an inconclusive mistake,” uviedol virológ explains in an interview: “History books will show it because it is just an inoculation that produces different variants.”

Because it’s the antibodies made by the inofact that nutia vortex mutated to survive. This phenomenon of anti-infection (antibody-dependent ADE-zosilnenia) is known to be unknown, but in the case of Corona, they remained silent. So the editors explain that ADE-intension infection dependent on anti-infection, nie is a problem with Covid-19 vaccines and the concerns that he expressed are not stated in the expert articles or have been removed.

An animation of COVID mortality across the world to examine the impact of vaccination, testing the hypothesis that they are up to 97% effective in reducing mortality.


Montagnier sees clear signs of his dingt. In the opening list, the doctor, the vedic and the lawyer addressed to the Európse agentúre pre lieky ( EMA ) state that they ached in the reported case of pre-entought and coronas in the home caretakers’ caretakers and home children shortly after they had vaccinated against Covid-19.

Devil, ako Montagnier u.s., problems with inocination can be traced in any landscape where the crib of death is followed by a crib of death. Montagnier occrem blames vaccines for the death rate of young people. There’s a high risk of thrombosis. This is shown in a ten-second youTube video from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington:

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Let me just note that the Nobel Prize is the prize of “faithful servants.” On AIDS/HIV, the truth will be elsewhere, see book: HIV virus? A lie the whole world believed. Download here: