Immigration Fight Looms Over Republicans’ South Carolina Gathering

Some say another immigration battle—much less one over legal immigration—is not in the party’s interest.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum took the stage on Saturday to the bouncing melody of Pharrell Williams’s “Happy,” and explained to a theater full of conservatives why it was time to panic.

“You want to know why wages have flatlined?” Santorum asked the hundreds of attendees of the South Carolina Freedom Summit in Greenville. “Supply and demand, ladies and gentlemen. You have 74 percent of the population of America, aged 18 to 75, without college degrees. And we’ve brought in roughly 35 million unskilled workers to compete against them.”


 Santorum’s solution was to lower, by 25 percent per year, the number of unskilled immigrants to obtain citizenship. “If we’re going to go out there and talk about opportunity, we can’t just be the party of growth,” he said. “We need to be a pro-worker party, and that starts with immigration.”

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