If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?

Larry O’Connor, There was a time, not long ago, when Americans dealing with a major medical crisis were encouraged to get a second opinion. In fact, if you were facing a life or death decision with regard to the treatment or strategy to apply toward a major medical situation, not getting a second opinion would be reckless.

It’s a pretty simple concept. Doctor “A” gives you a diagnosis, delivers her prognosis, and suggests a path of treatment to remedy your illness or condition. Then you, as a wise and responsible individual, would seek out Doctor “B” to not only test for validity against the original diagnosis but to also predict their own forecast for the ailment as well as their treatment suggestions.

Often, this second opinion validates Doctor “A” and their original diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. Sometimes the diagnosis would be confirmed but an alternate path of treatment would be suggested. Either way, both doctors should, at the very least, utilize the same basic data and the same basic scientific understanding of disease and medicine to draw their independent conclusions.

This is a wise and proven method in addressing a serious health problem on an individual basis. However, for some reason, we as a nation have completely abandoned this wisdom and decided that only one individual in America, no, in the world has the expertise and scientific know-how to recommend the proper course of action in the face of the covid-19 pandemic.

His name is Dr. Anthony Fauci, peace be upon him.

Three hundred and seventy days after Dr. Fauci’s original “fifteen days to slow the spread” treatment recommendation we, the patient, are still waiting to see how this original prognosis and treatment plan might pan out.

Oh, there have been some modifications to the treatment plan over the course of the last year. Fauci first demanded that no one in our country wear any personal protection like face masks because they would do no good and could even exacerbate the spread of the virus. Then he eventually suggested the masks, then demanded the masks and now he is on the brink of demanding double masks. So, it’s not like he hasn’t made some adjustments along the way.

But, all-in-all, from school lockdowns to business lockdowns to social gathering lockdowns to… well… you get the picture: The guy likes lockdowns. He wants everyone to stay home and hunker down until the virus disappears, or something. Which, by the way, is a far cry from fifteen days to slow the spread.”

Yeah, everyone rightly points out the absurdity of the “fifteen days” part considering we’re into year two of this thing, but let’s not lose sight of the “to slow the spread” part.

Slow the spread? Do you hear anyone using that language anymore? Teachers’ unions refuse to do their jobs (instructing children in person, in a classroom setting) by declaring that “if one teacher dies, isn’t that too many?” and that ends up being the end of the argument.

Dr. Fauci’s treatment recommendation for his patient, America, began with “slow the spread” which always took into account that with a deadly virus there would be inevitable deaths. But, if we could take some reasonable measures to “slow the spread” of the virus we would alleviate an anticipated burden on our health care system as well as our hospitals in highly populated regions.

Sadly, his hysteria and lack of clarity over the course of the past year has now allowed that goal of “to slow the spread” to move to “if one teacher dies, isn’t that too many?”

And here we remain.

With a miraculous vaccine (several, in fact), we should finally be in a place where our nation sees some bright upside to this disaster. We should be able to have a clear path in front of us toward a return to normal. But even with that sunny outlook, Fauci continues to proclaim doom is around the corner and he inexplicably recommends masking distancing and continued lockdowns, despite the vaccine.

Fauci, himself, continues to wear not one but two masks despite the fact that he has been vaccinated. A dangerous message at a time when we need to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

This brings us to our long-awaited second opinion from Dr. Rand Paul, who also happens to be a fearless senator.

Thursday’s exchange between Dr. Paul and Dr. Fauci was long overdue and breathtakingly refreshing. Please watch the entire video:

“You’re telling everybody to wear a mask, whether they’ve had an infection or a vaccine,” the Kentucky senator said. “What studies do you have that people who have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection? If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater? If you’ve had the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks, isn’t that theater?”

Fauci took issue with the suggestion that the mask was “theatre” and went on to speculate about certain variants of the COVID-19 virus coming from South Africa (we’re allowed to mention where the variants come from, just not the C***a origin of the original virus, apparently) but he offered no scientific study to support his conjecture.

Paul appeared on Fox News later in the day and expanded on his exchange with Fauci:

We’ve had 90 million vaccines in our country, about 40 to 50 million people have been vaccinated and the question is do they have immunity? Well, we’ve always believed that- that’s the science of vaccines is that when you get an infection or you get the vaccination you develop immunity and yet [Dr. Fauci] keep moving the goalposts and saying well you might get this variant from South Africa…

And my point to him is, show us the evidence. Show us the scientific evidence that people who have already had COVID or people that have already gotten the vaccine are getting it again…But it’s not true it’s all conjecture. He says we might get it, therefore we need to wear the mask for another year.

At the end of the heated exchange in the Senate committee room, Fauci ended with an additional retort regarding his insistence on wearing two masks despite having been vaccinated for the virus.

“Well, let me just state for the record that masks are not theater,” Fauci said. “Masks are protective.”

“If you already have immunity, they are theater,” Paul responded.  It should be noted that Paul has had the coronavirus and has natural immunity as a result.

It’s time for us to seek out a second opinion on this entire thing. I suggest we begin by paying close attention to Dr. Paul. He makes a lot of sense.

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