Hunter Biden Story the Media Are Finally Covering

The media finally decided to pay attention to Hunter Biden over the weekend, but not in a way that had the House Judiciary Committee GOP pleased.

“En route back from church, Biden diverted motorcade so Hunter Biden could make a food run at Call Your Mother, arguably the best bagel shop in DC. Hunter stood at the window several minutes for the takeout order as his dad and daughters waited in the car, per pooler @TomDeFrank,” The Washington Post’s Matt Viser reported.

The bagel stop came after the Bidens attended Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Georgetown area of the district.

Several news outlets then reported on the “church and bagels” story, though there was a media blackout on coverage of the New York Post’s bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and his shady foreign business dealings.

“This is the most coverage Hunter Biden has ever received by the mainstream media. What a joke,” the House GOP tweeted.

Others were quick to join in.

In October, the House Judiciary Committee GOP responded to Twitter censoring the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story by reposting it on their webpage, but the social media company temporarily blocked the link, claiming it was done “in error.”

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