Huckabee Leads By Example, Signs His Own Wide-Ranging ‘Pledge To The People’

 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee vowed to sign only one pledge this election season – and it just so happened to be the one he drafted. The former Arkansas governor recently began promoting what he has dubbed a ‘Pledge to the People,’ which includes a litany of positions – both social and fiscal – for which he is committed to fighting as he vies for his party’s nomination.

Those who support the candidate’s values are encouraged to “endorse” the pledge by visiting and completing the attached form.

As for specifics, Huckabee cited numerous issues that he feels must be addressed. His pledge covers everything from general – “I will adhere to the Constitution of the United States” – to more nuanced positions including his support for judicial and legislative term limits.


 Though he has faced some backlash by some conservatives who believe he supports the federal Common Core educational standards, Huckabee promised to push for its eradication.

“I will fight to kill Common Core,” his pledge states, “and restore common sense. Education is a family function – not a federal function.”

Regarding taxes, Huckabee’s pledge includes his support for the so-called FairTax – and subsequent abolition of the IRS – and his promise to “veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

He also took a firm stance against such issues as gay marriage, abortion, and amnesty while promising to fight on behalf of veterans, seniors, and Israel.

The Washington Times described the pledge as evidence of Huckabee’s “populist agenda,” which is hardly the first time the populist label has been applied to him. In an interview with Peggy Noonan for the Wall Street Journal, he addressed the persistent claim:

People say, ‘Huckabee is a populist.’ If it means I have a connection to those who do not have any connection to that axis of power, then yes.

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