How Happy Hillary Must Be, Winning Endorsement From Rapper Who Brags Of Killing Cops

 Only a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was endorsed in her bid for president by a man who has made a fortune by exploiting women — one of the country’s biggest porn moguls — Larry Flynt. head of the Hustler empire. Western Journalism reported on the coverage by Bloomberg Politics of Flynt’s enthusiastic support for the former secretary of state — backing that Bloomberg reporter John Heilemann noted might actually prove detrimental to the Democrat’s leading 2016 contender for the White House.

“…no small number of Clinton’s ardent fans, and especially those who regard her as a feminist icon, may find it unsettling — or queasy-making — to have a man who has made a vast fortune in the skin trade squarely in her, and their, corner.”

Now, with a fresh string of Clinton endorsements by raunchy rappers, it will be interesting to see if these ready-for-Hillary music stars will help or hurt the Clinton campaign. According to CNN, rapper and actor 50 Cent has become the latest big name in hip-hop to sing Hillary’s praises.


“…the ‘In Da Club’ rapper has left no room for ambiguity, proclaiming that ‘It’s Hillary time’ during an interview with the Daily Beast.

The hip-hop star said that having been the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency, makes it so that ‘Hillary was the president already once.’”

Taking a look at the 50 Cent song “In Da Club” mentioned in the CNN story, you’ll find that the lyrics contain numerous references to getting drunk, getting high, and having rough sex — plus, there are references to knives and guns and gays, not to mention numerous times the word “nigga” is tossed around. Does this kind of song represent the middle class values Hillary Clinton has so frequently said she wants to support in her run for the nation’s highest elected office?

Or what about the values suggested in another song by the Hillary endorser 50 Cent? In the rap called “Officer Down,” the singer makes several references to shooting and killing cops. Here are two examples:

“Huh, we’ll find out when niggaz, let off the rounds
And his partner’s screamin’, officer down”

“Police get in the way, I’ll murder them, I’ll murder dem
A nigga already got three strikes, I’ll murder them”

The booze-drugs-sex-violence rapper 50 Cent isn’t the only music celebrity to say that Hillary is their choice to lead the country. The CNN article notes other rappers in Hillary’s camp, including Waka Flocka Flame, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, and A$AP Rocky. Despite the disturbing nature of many of the lyrics in songs by these hip-hop stars, one Democrat strategist quoted in the CNN article thinks the Clinton campaign may well benefit from these celebrity endorsements.

“Getting early endorsements from pop culture figures is always helpful to a campaign to generate interest and enthusiasm,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons, “But Secretary Clinton will still have to close the sale with young voters.”

Contrary to what Simmons suggests, it’s certainly reasonable to assume that not all young voters would find these rappers’ love for Hillary Clinton a reason to think she would make a good president.

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