HOLD THE LINE – An Encouraging Update

Hold The Line, Juan O Savin on the Laura Eisenhower show with David Nino Rodriguez talk about coming events. Juan O Savin explains that the military are fully ready for things to come to a head. They have 300 ships off the west coast of the USA and 200 ships off the east coast and things are likely to come to a head very soon.


Stay strong, and remember all of our Military and all who are fighting the good fight!

Remember all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. He will lift you up so you can pass it forward and lift someone else up a little higher too!


I’ve been hearing a lot about Hopium lately. Been looking at the three tiered fishing and x-box style viewing. Wondered what showing a war game while talking everything hopium from unnamed sources was all about? Maybe it’s a mind control thing for those with shorter attention spans where you stay online longer paying attention to the game…and the bla, bla soaks into the subconscious mind…so you get a bigger dose of hopium? Or maybe it’s just a new video style that’s cool? I find it distracting for I like to judge the body language when the pictures talk.

Which brings me to deNile (denial) which is not a river in Egypt/Africa. There has to be a middle…for we do need both. We need to deny that the evil ones are going to win and hold onto hope and faith that the Lord has this. That being said, we need to be awake and trust in God and God only. Man cannot save you – look at where we are.

However, denial goes two ways. You can deny there is a problem just as quickly as you can deny that help is going on behind the scenes. Those who deny both are the real ones that make things more dangerous. Or you can simply deny that all who tell you that someone is doing something about the evil behind the scenes are not telling the truth. I say search them all out and find the nuggets and leave the rest. Unless they are just loaded up with BS…then don’t watch it.

General Flynn, who I admire and respect greatly, seems to be telling us not to try and be the military, instead do other things like get involved with elections.

I think I understand why he’s saying that, but, if he truly believes that by getting people to get involved at the voting polls, guarding and counting the ballots (getting involved that way) is going to change voter fraud, when congress is making it all legal – think again. It is a lot like mom in the kitchen making thanksgiving dinner and little Susie coming in wanting to help cook. Mom doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so she thinks of something for her to do so she won’t be in the way.

Or little Tommy wanting to help dad work on the car so he has Tommy go get a cloth and shine the bumper. That’s what it feels like to me some days. Many are beginning to feel like little Susie and little Tommy. And some are getting ready to make their own turkey dinner and work on their own car!

I say, stand at the ready, watch all things, expose the truth from the lies, be ready to defend your home and above all things pray like you’ve never prayed before…fear not and have faith for fear destroys your health and takes away your clarity of mind. Organizing a few walks to local courthouses demanding voter justice may be more affective? Whatever the ideas are, it is time to have local brainstorming sessions and start our own think tanks. That’s just my opinion.

Meanwhile, hold the line – do what you are able to do and be a strength and positive support for others.

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