Hillary Clinton Spokeswoman on Trump Diagnosis: “I Hope He Dies”

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Reverse the parties and there would be national outrage. But it’s okay. Stuff like this isn’t a grievous violation of political norms. It’s just Democrat business as usual.

A staff member to former President Barack Obama deleted a tweet on Friday, suggesting that she hopes President Donald Trump dies after he announced that he tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Zara Rahim, who worked in the Office of Digital Strategy for Obama, as well as serving as the national spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, deleted her tweet shortly after being published, but it was seen by a number of people across social media, who shared screenshots of it.

“It’s been against my moral identity to tweet this for the past four years, but, I hope he dies,” Rahim wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

Will Hillary or Biden be asked to condemn this sort of thing? Don’t bet on it.

Rahim is a daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants who joined up with Obama’s people, then went on to work for Hillary, and had a major role at Vogue.

President Trump Joins the Millions of Americans Who Had Coronavirus

There are the official numbers and the estimates which run 10 times higher, Either way, millions or tens of millions of Americans have had the virus.

For those who show symptoms, it’s not a fun experience. But it varies wildly.

A positive test is not in and of itself a big deal. President Trump and the First Lady are reportedly showing mild symptoms. None of that changes the election or the structure of government. It will lead to a great deal of hollow scolding and theatrics in which the media will blame Trump for not wearing a mask or for campaigning.

Except that we already know how he got it, and it wasn’t from campaigning. It was from a staffer.

The basic reality is that being President of the United States is one of the more “essential” jobs (to use the noxious coronavirus era term) out there. And “essential” workers, including cops and doctors and military personnel, are more likely to get it.

So are presidential staffers.

There was always a high risk of whoever is in the White House getting whatever virus is going around. Unlike Biden, the actual POTUS can’t squat in a basement. Even aside from the election, he’s got to do his job.

Even if the media keeps wishing he won’t.