Hillary Clinton Falsely Claims Credit for Defeating SARS Epidemic

Daniel Greenfield,

On CNN, where an apple is always a banana, and vice versa, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed credit for defeating the SARS outbreak.

“The SARS epidemic, which happened at the very beginning of the Obama administration, because I was secretary of state at the time, really was a full-court press by the administration to be sure that at every level, not only national, state, and local, but globally, the United States was part of the response,” Hillary Clinton falsely told CNN.

The SARS epidemic took place between 2002 and 2004. Not only wasn’t Hillary Clinton serving as Secretary of State, but the Bush administration was actually responding to the SARS epidemic.

This false claim was one of a series made by Hillary Clinton, who had previously falsely claimed that she tried to join the Marines and NASA, that she had come under fire at an airport in the former Yugoslavia, and that she had been instrumental in negotiating peace in Northern Ireland.

Hillary Clinton: Facebook Is Conspiring Against Me

Name three things that will never go away. Cockroaches, human evil, and Hillary Clinton.

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And now, Hillary is back for some reason to rant some more about a vast conspiracy.

FAREED ZAKARIA: There was an article in “Vox” and I don’t know if you saw it, on Super Tuesday, on Facebook, the single most searched article — the single searched news topic was Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

HILLARY CLINTON: That’s right. I saw that.

FAREED ZAKARIA: What do you make of it?

HILLARY CLINTON: I’ll tell you what I make of it. Is that FOX News and the sort of right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted, might I say, by Facebook.

So, I read that article. And what that said to me was: Here, it’s Super Tuesday, the Democrats are trying to decide who they want to nominate against Donald Trump, the coronavirus is spreading. We now have more and more reports from different places in the country, but led by Fox News and Breitbart and others, it’s going to be about my e-mails, a totally, you know, bogus, finished, nonsense attack on me.

Because they know how not only to drive those stories under the radar screen where the mainstream press like yourself are covering, you know, what’s happening now. But they know how to deliver those stories through the algorithms into the feeds of millions and millions of people.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to grasp that Facebook traffic is driven by people’s singleminded interest in something, in this case, her emails.

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What Hillary calls an echo chamber was created because of the media’s extreme bias. There are numerous outlets doing election coverage. That’s the shotgun effect and it generates numerous stories. Meanwhile there are fewer conservative sites and topics. That’s the laser beam effect. Shotgun blasts diffuse. Laser beams pierce.

The media could defuse this effect by actually serving the larger public of people who don’t support Elizabeth Warren, but instead it drags Hillary out of her upstate Elba to demand, alongside Soros, that somebody censor Facebook to preserve a lefty echo chamber.

Hillary goes right back to the “aided and abetted” line. Does she expect Facebook to marginalize traffic to artcles involving her email scandal? Clearly she does.