Helpful Hints for Ruling a Nation

Jolly Roger,
What to do, what to do?

Let’s assume that you’re part of a nation’s communist insurgency, just as we have here in the United States. Countless staged gun massacres have failed to persuade the nationals to surrender their weapons, and that surrender is necessary before you can finally begin the cleansing genocide that you have planned for those needy, and deplorable peasants.

They must be made defenseless for your plans to proceed, but despite the best propaganda money can buy, and the bloodiest performances of your mass-shooting “Manchurian candidates”, they simply refuse to give up their guns, and in fact, are breaking records for buying more of them every month.

The buying spree is a result of Americans knowing that the motive behind these “gun control” efforts has nothing to do with the safety of the American people, and in fact, will insure their demise. They understand that all “gun control” is an ongoing effort to eliminate the last defense against global domination by a gang of Satan-worshiping Zionist psychopaths, who (by their own words) plan on exterminating much of the human race when they come to power.

The peasants must be disarmed, but they’re arming themselves at breakneck speeds, and this poses a problem. J.D. Rockefeller once promised “we’ll have our New World Order either by consent, or conquest”, and gun sales indicate that no one’s consenting to it, which necessarily brings us to the conquest side of the equation.

Since we are talking about hundreds of millions of armed peasants, defeating them militarily is impossible, so the best solution to this little dilemma would be to get the idiots to fight each other, thereby killing many and weakening the rest, which would be especially convenient if a secondary onslaught by another force could be arranged shortly afterward.

That’s the juncture at which we’ve arrived. Getting Americans to fight each other is the best way, if not the only way to defeat them, and defeating them is a necessary step to realizing a bigger plan of global domination.

I’m not in Virginia, so I can’t be sure what’s happening there, and if all you know of what’s happening there was delivered by one lighted screen or another, you can’t be sure either. Thousands are employed and billions are spent on deceiving and influencing the American people, and the Virginian uprising seems to stink of the same hidden hand. It seems to me like it all came together too quickly to be an organic event, and instead required some prior planning, organizing, and speech writing before it was unleashed on the public.

The only certainty is that whatever the “news” tells us about this or any other event will be one form of deceit or another, and we’ll have to piece together an idea of the true situation by applying logic to whatever trustworthy information we can find. By now we know that we should expect only deceit from the Zionist news, and we know it so well that their best way of fooling us would be to actually tell the truth about something. Of course, if Patriots did seize control of the state and began trying criminals in common law courts, the TV news will tell you that they’ve all surrendered. Expect that.

The proposed set of gun laws recently drafted in Virginia is so blatantly tyrannical that I believe they were written and announced for the purpose of justifying the creation of a controlled opposition force to begin a civil war in America, secretly funded by those who need to see Americans kill each other.

Millions of well-intentioned, but easily duped Patriots will undoubtedly enlist, thinking that they’ll be helping to restore our nation’s Bill of Rights, and they’ll be sent to fight other Americans who ostensibly oppose them. This will result in a lot of good people dying because they were duped by the media, and fell for the “divide and conquer” technique they should have expected. An even bigger shame is that both armies have the same enemy, but were duped into fighting each other instead.

We shouldn’t be stupid enough to kill each other to exchange one Zionist puppet for another, and we can avoid falling for these base deceptions by not falling into either side of the planned war, but instead fighting only for the full reinstatement of the Bill of Rights as supreme the law of the land, as it’s supposed to be now, and always should be.

The only “militia” an American should belong to would be comprised of people of his own community, who are willing to fight to reinstate the Bill of Rights. If some guy you’ve never seen or heard of starts organizing troops to attack other Americans, know that you’re being sent to be slaughtered just to get you out of the way, or kill someone who should be on your side.

You don’t want to belong to Don’s Army, or Hillary’s Army, or anything organized by any element of our criminal “government”, because they’re only interested in seeing you dead. You want to fight as a free individual, alongside of other free individuals, joining together as Americans born of the land, and working together to save our families, our freedom, our nation, and our lives. The reinstatement of our Bill of Rights is the only path to that goal, and it’s the only thing Americans should be fighting for.

In addition to defining our God given rights and protecting us from tyrants, it describes the best legal system for insuring freedom and justice for all that the human race has ever seen, and as long as you insist on fighting only for the reinstatement of our Bill of Rights, you can’t be duped into killing or being killed for another handful of lies. –- Jolly Roger

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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