Heavyweight Champ: “Looking Forward To Trump Being Reinstated”

David Nino Rodriguez: ‘I’m Looking Forward to Trump Being Reinstated’

The future of this nation rests on the backs of patriots. If we confirm the truth and spread it widely, we can succeed, Lord willing. If we continue to be too weak to fight the lies, the nation is almost certainly doomed.

Steve Bannon to AG Garland and the Biden DOJ: You’re the Ones Who are Going to Face Criminal Penalties! (VIDEO)

Former Trump Strategist Steve Bannon invited Rep. Mark Finchem on to The War Room on Saturday morning.

Bannon, Finchem and Peter Navarro responded to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s threat to criminally charge state officials who audit the flawed and suspect 2020 presidential election results.

During the discussion Steve Bannon went off on Garland, demanding he recuse himself immediately from any audit investigation.

Steve Bannon: Barr is as corrupt as the rest of them. They never ever said that they want to get involved in finding out about voter fraud… The Justice Department took the exact opposite tact. And they’re trying to intimidate patriots… They’re not backing off Garland… Listen to Wendy Rogers, you come in here and try to put your hands on anything. You’re the ones who are going to have criminal penalties.

Steve Bannon: DOJ Does NOT want to Come in to Arizona