There is nothing the fake Biden administration can do (or the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street banksters controlling them) to get us into a war to stop the RV.

Our Contact said DoD is NOT meeting with Biden’s fake Secty of Defense Lloyd Austin or with the fake Secty of State Blinken—it’s all a fake show he said.

He said when Iraq was given the go Wed 31 March by DoD (& UST) to pass the budget with the rate in it, that completely defeated the petro-dollar globally and decisively defeated the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street banksters that have been the obstructing the RV release for weeks and months.

IT IS NOW OVER, he said, TRUMP AND THE MILITARY ARE STILL IN CONTROL, and if the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street banksters try to obstruct the RV release next Mon-Tue 5-6 April, they WILL LOSE ALL, their assets will have no value in the new system, AND THEY WILL BECOME PAUPERS LIKE THEY HAVE FORCED US TO BE FOR THE LAST 100+ YEARS.

He said the World Court ruling Wed 24 March and Iraq finally passing the budget with the RV rate Wed 31 March have FINALLY DECISIVELY DEFEATED the Deep State rats to the point they will not stop the shotgun start any more so they don’t lose what little they have left.


Reports that a nuke was reason for the grounding of the Evergreen Ship. Russian and Navy Seal teams are now searching ship in Bitter Lake where it is now docked. Containers are being unloaded currently. Media is not reporting!

NUKE on Evergreen Ship!?! NAVY SEALS searching ship now!

Below Scott McKay Patriot Street Fighter

Don’t miss. Discusses nuke that was found and deactivated on the Ever Given, and also how JFK Jr faked his death

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