Have an Open Mind, Open Your Ears and Hold The Line!

Each has free will. Each have eyes and ears to see what they choose, and to hear what they choose. It is the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

Open your eyes and read the word of God and ask him to open your eyes to see and ears to hear. Amen.

Pray for one another and stand still and behold the salvation of the Lord. For I hear that Twitter is now censoring Bible scriptures. Why are they feeling the Bible is a threat? Pray for the nation and the world and pray that you keep strong in your faith for the sifting and threshing of the cummin has begun.

28th January Update Current News

Biden: No One Requires Me To Do Anything

Speaking About News

Warning From Rome Priest… FROM ROME !!! MUST HEAR BEFORE YOU DIE


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