Government Protection against terrorism for Americans doesn’t exist anymore

 It isn’t that Mohammed Cartoon Contest organizer Pamela Geller is getting no protection against ISIS terrorists who threaten her life that should matter most. It’s that she—and every other American citizen—can no longer count on protection against Islamic terrorism from the uncaring President Barack Obama administration.

In a world where Islamic threats like: “we will send all our Lions to achieve her (Geller’s) slaughter,” go unanswered and where a president dubs nicknames like “JV” to terrorists, citizens who go about their daily lives are on their own.

Protection against terrorism for citizens doesn’t live in the U.S. any more.

Obama has opened the door wide to world caliphate-obsessed Islamic terrorists, some of whom are only waiting for the most opportune moment to strike from sleeper cells on American soil, while he has loudly slammed the door on protecting American citizens under dire Islamic threat.


 To Obama and his legion of supporters, Islamic terrorists are not the enemy, Pamela Geller and any others who dare to take a public stand against Islamic terrorism are.

What happened in Garland, Texas, one week ago today underlines that Islamic terrorism was facing strong and strident resistance to its attempted bold theft of First Amendment rights from Americans, until Obama gave it the right to proceed.

Unfortunately the ‘Nobody’s Home’ message doesn’t stop with the FBI

To patriots like Pamela Geller, free speech is everything and worth fighting for even in the face of the threatened unleashed ravening lions of blood thirsty Islamic terrorism.

But free speech is nothing but a fading fantasy under Obama rule because Free speech is now only defined by what Obama and Company dictate it to be.

With open threats of setting ravening lions on the loose notwithstanding, nobody’s home at the FBI.

Impersonal voices will answer the phone and will take your message. But no one ever gets back to anybody seeking help, no matter how desperate the need of the caller.

In the America of today, only the citizenry are on terrorism alert, and only the elite, including ex-presidents, wannabe presidents and Obama’s personal Rasputin Valerie Jarrett seem to rate security detail.

Unfortunately the ‘Nobody’s Home’ message doesn’t stop with the FBI.

The NSA and TSA are no longer sussing out terrorists but spying on and building data banks on the citizenry at large.

Worst of all, politically motivated professional agitators in Ferguson and Baltimore have made it open season on police, to whom the citizenry has long looked to for protection. Two young Mississippi police officers were shot and killed yesterday by two thugs on the day after 25-year-old NYPD Brian Moore, shot and killed while on duty, was laid to rest.

With Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson still in the arena, and while Obama looks the other way, there will be more police deaths to come.

The Fundamental Transformation of America has left the republic vulnerable to assaults from all sides and with the way things are going, pretty soon the message from America that dominates will be: ‘Nobody home but us activists and terrorists’.

Meanwhile, a complicit-with-Democrats mainstream media will continue to argue that Pamela Geller provoked Islamic terrorism on her brave stand in defense of free speech.

But there’s no arguing that while in Garland, Texas, last Sunday Pamela Geller laid bare for all to see that the only argument against the tyranny of radical Islamic terrorism comes not from the Obama administration but from a handful of brave citizens and the careful aim of police.

Written by Judi McLeod.

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