Government Corruption: What Next?

Well, we appear to be at a crossroad Patriots. Knowing that our Country has just been routed in a hostile takeover, what will be the next steps?

The United States Constitution is gone and unless Patriots can take this Country back, it isn’t coming back. Don’t agree? Let’s go through it:

1st Amendment – Free Speech. Gone. Your ability to speak freely is no longer viable unless you are part of the left. Parler, a well known conservative social media platform, was completely taken down by a hostile takeover (bought by Amazon) in an effort to take away your voice. Twitter was purged of conservatives. YouTube channels are under attack and conservative channels are being removed continuously. Virtually every social media platform at some level is under attack as free speech is being taken away more and more by the day.

Your right to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances has been compromised. Now, if you do so as a conservative, you will be put on a no-fly list, investigated by the FBI (KGB), and potentially be put in prison. All the while, the people burning down cities are embraced and the police who are supposed to stop it are being defunded. The world is truly on its head.

The First Amendment also guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. Today, due to “COVID”, churches around the world are forbidden to assemble. Here is the United States, churches were told they could not assemble, and many today still are not holding regular services. Some churches have even been fined by their local government 10’s of thousands of dollars for doing so.

Here’s the thing, we aren’t just being attacked by the left either. Patriots and Christians are attacking each other. I have had more Patriots turn on me in the past 30 days than I have had over my entire lifetime (53 years). People who call themselves Christians, have come at me sideways (clearly not a true Christian) with all kinds of accusations.

Everyday citizens have become snitches, turning each other in for simple things like kids playing together without wearing a mask. Honestly, this type of thing hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany.

15th, 19th and 26th Amendments – Right to Vote – Gone. Now, some of you may say, well, I still got to vote. I would counter that with “but did your vote count?” We have a voting system that is completely compromised, and rather than follow the Constitutional Process, we bypassed everything and ignored it. In the process, ignoring your vote. Our government then, took office and barricaded themselves into their facilities while placing soldiers around the parameter out of fear from the very people they are representing. Let that sink in.

2nd Amendment – This is actually in the process of going away as hundreds of bills are being pushed through various States that will limit your ability to obtain a gun. Which btw – according to your 2nd Amendment, should NOT BE INFRINGED UPON at ANY level, but it is. You have been told how many rounds your magazine can hold, you have to register to buy a gun, you have to get a background check along with fingerprints… what’s next? Well, if the laws that are on the books pass, you will see mental health evaluations, registration to buy ammo and any kind of gun accessory, and you will see massive unified databases that will identify you and all of your guns across agencies. The police will have a right to search and take your guns without any restrictions, and if you commit any crime (DUI, domestic dispute, etc.) you will lose your right to own a firearm.

The very Constitution that PROTECTS your rights – is being ignored. Your voice, is being taken away. You ability to defend yourself, is being compromised, Our Country, Patriots, has been taken over and We The People did nothing to stop it. Not that we didn’t “think” something was going to happen; but the cold hard fact is that it didn’t, and more than likely, it isn’t. Make a stand now, and watch how quickly the 10 FEMA Regions suddenly develop camps to contain us. It will happen overnight, and the media will push out propaganda to normalize the entire thing. Exactly how it happened in Nazi Germany. As the saying goes, forget your history and you are bound to repeat it.

Go take a look for yourself at and the NCSWIC Membership page. There, you can find details on contingency plans and the like. What you are going to find if you dig deep enough, is that our Government is VERY prepared.

Yes folks, I too was duped into thinking all of this was going to be okay. Even as a guy who reads his bible (daily) and follows end-time prophecy, I found myself believing justice and good would prevail. I will tell you, it does in the end, so don’t lose heart or faith. God will prevail.

So where do we go from here? The truth of the matter is that NOTHING you or I do will change God’s will. The plan, has been laid out before us for 2000 years. What we need to do is become familiar with the plan, understand it, and watch as it continues to unfold. NOW is the time to build on your knowledge of God and His Word, build strength in prayer, and support each other in a loving manner.

Times are about to get tough for a lot of people, we need God, not some man, now more than ever.

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