Germany has been declared a zone free of vaccines and tests

All states have received – into the hands of government officials – letters to stop all PCR tests and vaccinations!!

We received an important letter to the editorial office from a good friend at SHAEF. It reaffirms the truth that we keep repeating here. All conspiracy theories are true, and “their truth” are outright lies, or conspiracy theories. The alliance is winning, and politicians with the DS are in complete confusion and panic. Do not be surprised and read the following letter.

Germany has been declared a zone free of vaccines and tests. This means that all vaccinations and PCR tests should be stopped with immediate effect. This was confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Special Forces for Germany.

The statement was issued in collaboration with the World Allied Forces, the Federation of Special Forces for Earth Defense, and the Intergalactic Special Forces for Earth Protection, such as the White Hats. Corresponding cease-up orders are now sent throughout Germany by e-mail, post, etc.

Forces are being deployed all over the world. Transitional governments to protect humanity. They set up military courts that can, among other things, sentence to death people who violate this order. There will be no exceptions in Germany. All German politicians received a letter to cease their activities.

In this context, Germany means not only the legally existing German Reich, but also all the entities located in it, such as the Weimar Republic or the Federal Republic of Germany. In this context, the Commander-in-Chief does not take into account any state borders. The German Empire continues to exist, because after the First World War there was only an armistice. It has been sovereign since 1968, but it could become incapable of acting because of structures that no longer exist today.

Germany is currently no longer considered occupied, so the laws of the transitional military government, known as SHAEF for support, still apply.

All German parliaments are bodies of corporations based in the German Reich. That is why neither the Bundestag nor the provincial parliaments are able to pass laws or regulations!!!!!

According to this report, all vaccinations or tests are considered GENOCIDAL. They constitute the crime of humanity according to the law of nature, which is the supreme law in this universe. In addition, vaccinations and violent tests according to the Nuremberg Code of 1947 and the Geneva Conversion apply.

All links and addresses can be found at:

The appeal to the victorious powers can be found here:

The address to the Russian Consulate General can be found here:

Information about possible BLACKOUT can be found here:

Death of pilots in flight (increased after vaccination by 1700% !!!!) in the cockpit can be found here:

Please read their website. They are very nutritious and no one can question the truth here. Maybe brainless. You will also find the fight with MK-ULTRA and the programming of people. All nicely described. So girls and boys. fast into reading.

In case some prankster has the SHAEF military site deleted, until President Trump and President Putin are in control, I’m putting a few printscreens below. No one, in the words of NO ONE, can question the SHAEF troops!!!!!

For the entire population, which is familiar with the situation not only of Germany, but of the whole of Europe, it is possible to contact the addresses Above. I don’t know addresses in the Czech Republic. Useless to translate entire pages of SHAEF troops. There are contacts not only to the American consulate, but also to the Russian consulate. Please note that the page can take several minutes to load. Usually one minute or two. Their site is probably overloaded.