Georgia’s advisory stones and their terrifying message to humanity

Georgia Guidestones, In a field in Georgia (USA) stands five granite bars. Each weighs over 20 tons. No one knows who built them and why, but it is often said that their purpose is to lead mankind after a predicted post-apocalyptic event that will come in the not too distant future.

They’re also nicknamed “American Stonehenge.” It is located on the highest hill in Elbert County, about 14 kilometers from the city of Elberton. The 6.1-meter-high monument consists of six granite slabs with a total weight of 110 tons.

The blocks have a message translated into eight contemporary languages (English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) and four defunct (Babylonian, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics).

The ten instructions written on them confuse people all over the world, because some are perfect to utopian, others satanic and suspicious:

1. Keep the number of people below 500,000,000 (half a billion) in a lasting balance with nature.
2. Perform reproduction wisely, with a view to improving physical condition and diversity.
3. Unite mankind with a new living language.
4. Master passions — faith — traditions, and all things amicably.
5. Protect peoples and nations with righteous laws and courts.
6. Let all nations abide by their laws and external disputes let the world court resolve them.
7. Abolish unnecessary laws and unnecessary officials.
8. Balance personal rights with obligations to the company.
9. Appreciate truth, beauty and love in pursuit of harmony with infinity.
10. Don’t be a cancer on Earth – give space to nature – leave room for nature.

While some of them are obviously noble and commendable (like having fair laws), some have caused controversy. In particular, the first message: ‘Keep humanity below 500 000 000 in a lasting balance with nature’ and ‘Carry reproduction wisely, with a view to improving physical condition and diversity’.

If we wanted to use them now, we’d have to kill more than 90% of the population! Obviously, it’s not a rule for the present, but for the future… It is not clear why the creators opted for half a billion. As much as we don’t like to admit it, there are a lot of us at the moment. We are trying to find better ways to handle resources and use sustainable or renewable ones.
In just 50 years, the earth’s population has more than doubled, and if we keep doing so, the forecast for the future is not good.

Whoever built georgia’s advisory stones definitely knew what he was doing. The boards are monumental, robust and last for centuries with minimal damage. They also have other interesting properties. For example, they show where the world pole is, they show the movement of the sun during the year, or during the year they show when it’s noon…

But why they have these qualities and lack others that would obviously be more useful to theoretical survivors is still a mystery. It all started on a Friday in June 1979. An elegantly dressed gray-haired man appeared in Elbert County and introduced himself as “R.C. Christian,” presumably a reference to Christian Rosenkreuz or Christian Rose Cross. He said he represented a small group of loyal Americans.
Rosenkreuz is a legendary figure who founded the Order of the Red Rose Cross. He quickly became one of the most important and mysterious figures of the time, linking Christianity to some of the teachings of Arab and Persian sages.

R.C. Christian admitted it wasn’t his real name, but refused to divulge anything else about his identity. Joe Fendley, president of a company that specializes in granite construction, didn’t really care about this… Until he found out what monument R.C. Christian wanted to build.

He explained that it would be a compass, a calendar and a clock. And it will be engraved with a set of instructions written in eight world languages. Fendley believed he was dealing with a fool and wanted to get rid of him. So he explained that a large number of tools, machines… But Christian just nodded. Then Fendley told him the cost of the construction was several times higher than it was real. But Christian didn’t care.
So Fendley sent him to Wyatt Martin, president of granite city bank.

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