Georgia Recount Auditor Says Things Aren’t Adding Up

Beth Baumann

A Republican National Committee monitor in the Georgia recount efforts came forward claiming he witnessed a counted wrongly calling out votes. According to the monitor, the counted called votes that should have gone to President Donald Trump and claimed they were for former Vice President Joe Biden.

“So, second person was supposed to be checking it, right. So, three times in three minutes she called out Biden. The second auditor caught it and she said, ‘No. This is Trump.’ Now, that’s just while I’m standing there,” Hale Soucie, the monitor explained. “So, does the second checker catch it every time? But this lady, three times in three minutes, from 2:09 to 2:12, she got three wrong.”

Soucie said he left the original table he was where they were recounting ballots for Cobb County. He claimed he left the table because the second person wasn’t looking at the vote but was automatically assuming that the first counter was correct.

According to the insider, table 17, where they were counting votes for Cobb County, was where the woman called the wrong votes. Table 18, which was also counting votes for Cobb County, is where Soucie said he witnessed the second person not looking at the ballots.

“So, I go and report it. They say, ‘Oh, we’ll talk to the [Cobb County] election officials.’ They talk to her. And so I come back by again in a few minutes and she’s not doing it after I’ve talked to her,” he explained.

The RNC monitor stated that after he left the table, election officials kept a close eye on him and pointed him out despite him simply observing the process.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. All I’m doing is writing down and observing to tell what happened,” he explained.

Soucie said he made another slow lap around the room and reapproached the woman. He allegedly heard her say, “‘I’m paid by the taxpayer and this f**king a**hole is coming out and watching me.'”

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