Georgia Had Massive Spike In Biden Votes During SuitcaseGate: Watch

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Vote tabulation data shows a massive spike in votes for Joe Biden during the time poll workers were told to leave yet some stayed behind to count votes for two hours.

This is just another example of how bombshell this video is.

It raises a lot of questions:

Why is it that the most votes were tabulated during this time?

Why was it that they were so overwhelmingly for Biden?

There seems to be enough votes cast during this time to flip the state.

A video has surfaced showing that at 12:18 AM ET on November 4, 98 percent of one batch of 23,487 votes all went for Biden in Georgia. This is statistically unlikely.

Moreover, it appears this unlikely batch of Biden votes was entered at about the same time alleged Suitcasegate was occurring at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.


Video footage from a Georgia Tabulation center has been released showing suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from under the table after poll workers were told to leave by supervisors.

Ballots were then counted.

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