George W. Bush Bikes 100K With Wounded Vets

Cortney O’Brien, 

 Former President George W. Bush doesn’t like to complain. How can he when he’s riding through sunny trails alongside some of our nation’s heroes? Number 43 kicked off the 5th annual Warrior 100K in Crawford, Texas, a three-day bike event held to recognize wounded warriors.

Fox News’s Dr. Marc Spiegel caught up with the former president before he hit the trails Thursday. President Bush explained what made this group of bikers so special.


“We’re here riding with people that got hurt. Yet they’re refusing to let their injury consign them to a dull, meaningless life…These vets are setting an example to other citizens who might be complaining about their fate in life.”

These veterans’ courageous spirit in the midst of malady is inspiring. Here’s a bit more information about the bike ride held in their honor.

The Warrior 100K — and its fall companion, the Warrior Open golf tournament — are signature annual events of the George W. Bush Institute’s military service initiative. The institute, Bush’s think tank, is part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University.

Bush’s passions for mountain biking and golf are well-known. So the two events are a natural complement to the institute’s wide-ranging, research-based work involving military veterans, their families and the 46,000 nonprofits that aim to help service members.

By holding this annual event, President Bush is helping to bring attention to these veterans’ needs, while also highlighting their strengths. He’s not the only one. The Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2216) was created by concerned members of Congress to ensure necessary funding for veterans programs and to make the Department of Veterans Affairs more accountable. Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) has also proposed an amendment to boost veteran job training and services, which will help ensure their talents are not being neglected.

“We can’t afford to leave our veterans behind, and my amendment to help veterans better transition from military service to the workforce is another important way we can meet our obligations to our nation’s brave service members.”

After the shameful status of the VA was revealed last year, these politicians’ dedication to our vets is extremely welcome.

Veterans’ wounds are often invisible. Our efforts on their behalf should not be.

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