General Flynn posted an interesting message on his telegram page

General Flynn posted an interesting message on his telegram page. It’s Trump’s card. Insiders know what that means. We’re going to have to wait tonight until we know what’s going on. Carsten took the liberty of inserting an important card. Thanks juro.

And to complement Trump’s card in video 2:12 – 2:14 take a good look

Sierra NZ Q1. Q4.2Q21


WhipLash347 on Gabo with excellent data. Looks like the countdown could begin… 4 or 6 April.

Okay, my last post today.

January 1, 2021 to March 2021

You can see how the world’s armies are preparing for the great Black Swan – an important unexpected event.

An event that triggers other Events that trigger the EBS (emergency broadcasting system).

Castle ROCK script.

Follow Loop

LOOP/POOL mirrored (pool – pool, Podesta pool, it used to say a lot that Podesta should be the first arrest to trigger all this)

Start loop / Rocket loop (once it starts it gets it fast/rocket gradient)

The event must be triggered under the Biden administration before the election change.


The dams + 34 of The Main Satanic Lucerferian Buildings will be destroyed by rods of god.

More than 33 satellites removed.

Then the ODIN Project (QUANTUM STARLINK) starts.

These are all QUANTUM systems.

QFS, etc. The dam incident will remove the CIA servers under the dam. Bitcoin, Chinese money & all unregulated money will disappear.

Q drop 364 presents SEC Conf (security conference?) WILL BE ANALYZED, (DARK 10) means regulations will be enforced (ISO20022)

See Gematria, you will see that XRP (cryptocurrency)/Flare Networks (blockchain siť) etc. are part of the plan.

You’ve got it all here on this channel.

Look for the keywords of everything I just wrote.

God bless you.

I’ll see you on the other side.

(Let’s see what happens)

#WhiteSquall (White Whirlwind)


Tu TeiTei Tu Kaha

Another great post from Whiplast347 – repost by Anona. Boom

Think mirrored.

This USA Today article provides extensive information about the situation on ever given, the shipping company EVERGREEN – worth reading. “Ever Given will not be allowed to continue its journey to Rotterdam until the investigation is complete.”

WhipLash347 retweeted a message from Disclose TV regarding the escalating situation between Russia and Ukraine. I believe that when the dominoes start to fall (next week…?) they will fall in all directions.

Look at all the special meetings today.

Here comes the scenario of World War III.

For those who followed me… You’re ready.

“NEW – Nato’s North Atlantic Council met urgently today on Russian military transfers on Ukraine’s borders. (Disclose TV)

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, the heroine of light warriors, is proposing a bill that makes mandatory vaccinations and vaccination passports illegal. And he wants to fire Fauci. I love this woman!

The journalist who wrote this article believes that this vital bill has almost zero chance of getting into the House. The American public should stand up for themselves and support this bill with everything it has. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to save their lives.

Finally, a meme – a red pill that speaks for itself…

Pedophilia is a real pandemic!

Given that there is a higher percentage of children and people enslaved in sex trafficking than people dying of C-19, it makes sense to call human trafficking a “pandemic” and create “pedophile passports.”

Now that it’s April, Q mentioned “April showers, May flowers…”

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE GOT IT.

Where We Go One We Go All.

***** ****


Sierra NZ Q2.Q4.2Q21

Ever Given unloading data


Please take this data with a grain of time – I’m still trying to find solid confirmation that the US Navy Seals found children and nuclear missiles or weapons of mass destruction on board.

U.S. and Russian special forces have boarded ever given. Crane vessels are coming to Ever Given….you know what that means….YES!!! Unloading. There was a nuke on board that was supposed to detonate if the ship was compromised. The space forces blocked the signal and ran a long way. The nuke has been deactivated. WHITE HATS REALLY HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL. It’s believed that someone aboard ever given helped us.

WhipLash347 with other interesting data. I believe he has insider contacts. I can’t comment on Gematria’s coding in this post because I don’t understand Gematria.

By Emily T & Rina C

Bluegreenteam = gematria 500, 768, 128. Lots of interesting translations and Q drops 500, 768, 128:

– Jets preparing for takeoff

– Fasten your seatbelt, Full Steam Ahead

– Ongoing operations, Active operators

– Strike back / FF fake flag

– Mockingbird, Disinformation necessary

– [D] = Defcon1, Declas (declassification), DJT (C before D?)

– Event

– Rods of God, SEVEN Rays/Seven EBS

– Project Odin, All Platforms

– God, Yahweh, pineal physema

I feel like it’s time.

Britain’s chief nurse has said that Britain will treat COVID like the flu and there will be no more closures. This is big news. Could this be the first domino to fall and end a fraudulent pandemic around the world?

This meme is a powerful symbol for the awakening of mankind. Help it spread.

Light warrior Ben Garrison makes brilliant satirical cartoons…

Finally, there seems to be a “heated discussion” on Telegram about the credibility of many major “data providers.” I don’t follow telegrams. A friend of mine told me about the fight. My only comment is, always take the data with a grain of time, do your own research and trust your intuition. There is currently a huge amount of disinformation. This is happening for a reason – the security of the alliance operation is paramount. Countless lives of brave patriots are in danger.

Hold the line, World Patriots.

Love and light