Gen Flynn’s Brother Now In Command U.S. Army Pacific–Vows To Take On China

Good news for the Flynn family. General Michael Flynn’s younger brother, Gen. Charles Flynn has taken over command of the U.S. Army Pacific.

He is replacing Gen. Paul LaCamera.

The younger brother of former national security advisor Michael Flynn has taken command of U.S. Army Pacific and vowed to meet the growing challenge posed by China.

General Charles Flynn assumed command of the 90,000-soldier force in a ceremony Friday at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, the Independent reported.

“Today, as China trends on an increasingly concerning path, presenting challenge to the free and open Pacific, the Army is charged to change once more,” Gen. Flynn said during a livestreamed ceremony.

“If we operate, compete and fight domain-on-domain, we will cede advantages and put our future at risk. However, if we act, operate and fight as an integrated joint force — tightly linked to our allies and partners — there is no adversary on planet that can match this team.”