GA Officials Subpoenaed…Video Evidence Of GA Fraud?

GA, Fraud:

Attorney Lin Wood served a subpoena to Georgia officials seeking video-evidence, which may reveal voter fraud.

In a subpoena to the Georgia Secretary of State, Wood asked the state to produce the footage from the ‘State Farm Arena’ in Atlanta, which was filmed between November 3 and 4.


The veteran attorney is specifically interested in videos from room 604 and the elevators around it. He believes ballot dumps and tampering took place at the State Farm Arena when officials stopped the count due to a “burst water pipe,” which it turns out actually never happened.

Additionally, Wood found Democrats allegedly destroyed evidence of voter fraud with an A1 Shredding truck. In a series of tweets Tuesday, the renowned attorney posted videos of an A1 Shredding truck outside a polling location in Cobb County, Georgia.

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The videos showed unidentified people supposedly shredding absentee ballots and other documented evidence of fraud.

A1 Shredding released a statement, which said they are aware of the incident and have asked the FBI to investigate.

Wood said an upcoming lawsuit on Wednesday will reveal mechanisms as well as the scale of Democrat voter fraud in Georgia.

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