Free Speech For People, a national non-profit non-partisan organization, is a catalyzing leader in the country challenging big money in politics, confronting corruption in government, fighting for free and fair elections, and advancing a new jurisprudence grounded in the promises of political equality and democratic self-government.  Through our cutting-edge legal advocacy, public education, and organizing work, we are at the forefront of a movement across the country to defend our Constitution and to reclaim our democracy.

Since our founding in January 2010, on the day of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, we have launched innovative and groundbreaking legal actions to ensure people can participate equally and meaningfully in our democracy; advocated for model legislation to defend our core democratic principles and our Constitution; advanced new laws to end the big money dominance in our elections and promote political equality for all; worked with lawmakers at the federal, state, and local level to provide key legal expertise and analysis on matters related to our democracy; challenged corruption at the highest levels of our government; and engaged in public education and organizing in communities across the country to reclaim our democracy for we, the people.

Through all of this work, Free Speech For People is a leading force in the country for defending our Constitution and fulfilling the promise of political equality for all and the vision of self-government: of, by, and for the people.


Free Speech For People works to renew our democracy and our United States Constitution for we the people. Founded on the day of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, Free Speech For People envisions a democratic process in which all people have an equal voice and an equal vote. We advance this mission with the following innovative, effective, and complementary strategies:

  • We catalyze and help lead the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s rulings in Citizens United v. FEC and Buckley v. Valeo, and the doctrines underlying those rulings;
  • We engage in legal advocacy in the courts to advance a new jurisprudence on money in politics and to confront the misuse of the U.S. Constitution to claim corporate exemptions from our laws;
  • We develop and advocate for model laws and other tools to challenge big money in politics and to make corporations responsible to the public;
  • We challenge corruption at the highest levels of our government and lead bold campaigns for accountability under the law;
  • We fight for free and fair elections, for reliable and secure voting systems, and for the bedrock principle that, in a democracy, all voters must have their votes properly counted.
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