Frank Biden Linked to Firm Involved in Lobbying Obama Administration

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Another potentially troublesome business dealing by Frank Biden, younger brother of President Joe Biden, surfaced Monday.

The younger Biden worked with a small consulting firm involved with federal lobbying on behalf of an oil distribution company during Joe Biden’s last year as vice president, according to CNBC.

Delmarva Group, a little-known consulting company for whom Frank Biden worked, employed Cassidy & Associates to lobby on behalf of Maryland-based Chesapeake Petroleum and Supply in targeting the Defense Department and congressional lawmakers in 2016.

Last week, CNBC reported Frank Biden boasted about how he and his brother shared a commitment to environmental issues, in a law firm’s newspaper ad. The ad ran the day Joe Biden was inaugurated and later was rebuked by the White House.

“The president’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities to suggest, or in any way that could reasonably understood to imply, his endorsement or support,” a White House official told CNBC.

That position was repeated by White House press secretary Jen Psaki at a news conference last week.

Also last week, Politco reported Joe Biden told Frank Biden during the recent election campaign to ”watch yourself” in regard to his business dealings and not ”get sucked into something.”

Joseph Abruzzo, an owner of now-defunct Delmarva Group, said Frank Biden did not hold a formal position with the company until after Joe Biden had left office.

“Frank Biden and I began planning the business in 2015 and had discussions through 2016,” Abruzzo said.”The structural formation and Frank’s formal involvement began in 2017.”

In a lengthy statement, Abruzzo said Frank Biden was not involved in any matters related to the Delmarva-Cassidy lobbying effort.

CNBC reported there was no evidence Frank Biden was involved with the lobbying effort for Chesapeake.

Frank Biden, whose LinkedIn page said he served as a “member director” of Delmarva Group starting in 2015, said he was not heavily involved with the company.

“I provided advice and counsel based on my business experience. I had very limited engagement with Delmarva,” Frank Biden told CNBC on Monday.

Public records and lobbying disclosure reports, as well as Abruzzo’s financial disclosure reports, were examined by CNBC to identify links between Delmarva Group, Cassidy and Chesapeake Petroleum.

“Delmarva Group on behalf of Chesapeake Petroleum” was listed as the client on the lobbying registration report and subsequent quarterly documents.

Abruzzo said Delmarva became inactive in 2018 and closed in January 2020.

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