Forced Busing and George Soros Come to Your Neighborhood

Newt Gingrich,
The George Soros-funded project to take over suburban counties has extended from district attorneys to school boards.

In Howard County, Maryland the fanatics of the radical left took control of the local school board and imposed forced busing on people who did not want it.

Against deep opposition, the board voted to begin a program in which students will be bused out of their neighborhoods and forced to go to schools in other communities based on their parents’ income.

According to the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak, “the board received 6,650 pieces of verbal and written testimony opposing the plan and 150 pieces of testimony in support of it.”

In a free society, you would think a 46 to 1 opposition would kill an elitist idea. After all, we have all been proud of the recent vote in Hong Kong and stand firmly with the popular majority (over 80 percent). We have been saying loudly that we want the Communist dictatorship in Beijing to respect the rights of the people of Hong Kong.

Instead, enormous pressure is being brought on school board members to ignore the will of the people. As Rosiak reported:

“Board member Kirsten Coombs voted ‘no’ after board member Jennifer Mallo motioned to move a swath of children out of their schools to try to balance poverty rates. It failed 4-3, and people clapped. ‘I move that we go into recess to consider the impact of the failure of that last motion,’ Mallo said.
“Coombs appeared to be crying when they came out of the back room and said the board should vote again ‘because otherwise the entire plan falls apart.’

“The board redid the vote, with Coombs’ voice cracking as she said ‘yes.’ The vote was part of a series taken by the board that, together, resulted in the large-scale moving of children to different schools based on their parents’ income, effective in 2020.”

Across America there is a hardline, left-wing activist movement to destroy honors classes and magnet schools. The Left has given up on improving education in poor neighborhoods (for example the six Baltimore schools in which not a single student could pass the state exams in math and English). Now the Left wants to disguise its failure by busing students from good schools to bad.

This policy of forced busing to move students out of their neighborhoods and move them into schools they don’t know in communities they don’t know is a disaster. It was a disaster when it was first tried in the 1970s.

Theodore White, in The Making of the President 1972, spends a good bit of time on the enraging effect of court imposed busing on parents who had a deep sense of community. He notes that the first uprising in Florida was among Cuban Americans who saw this kind of government dictation as a reminder of what they had fled from Castro’s Communist dictatorship.

Rosiak notes in parallel some 47 years later that immigrants from the former Soviet Union and from China were among the most frightened people at the Howard County School Board meeting. They, too, saw the ruthless government imposition of rules destroying their neighborhoods as precisely the centralized bureaucratic government they had fled.

Similarly, the most pro-education parents, especially Asian and Indian parents, were the most frightened and angriest about the left-wing takeover of the Howard County School Board. They saw the radical left as the direct enemy of their children going to honor courses and magnet schools. The Left’s drive for equality of mediocrity and for masking failure by making everyone part of the failure was the exact opposite of their passion for their children working hard, studying intensely, and rising economically.

The emergence of the Soros-funded program to take over local government with radical candidates and fund their campaigns to drown traditional candidates is a historic turning point in American history.

In many ways the impeachment fight is a diversion while the real fight is beginning at the grassroots between normal citizens and the militant left-wing totalitarians who want to use government to change society.

Over the next few weeks I will be reporting more and more on Soros inspired and funded left-wing activities at the local level. A Soros designed America would be a very different country from what we have today.

In some very real respects, the 2020 fight to shape America’s future and define America’s values may be between President Trump and George Soros. The weak and bland Democratic presidential candidates are far less dangerous than the billionaire building the radical network which has begun to take over one county at a time. This may turn out to be the real fight for America’s soul and future.

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