Florida Senator Rick Scott Suggests Using 25th Amendment Against Biden

Since the Taliban began its takeover of Afghanistan, there has been a chorus of people attacking Joe Biden and his administration.

Some have even suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove him from the presidency and, among them, was Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott who wondered if it would be appropriate.

“After the disastrous events in Afghanistan, we must confront a serious question: Is Joe Biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th Amendment?” he said.

He said that after he said, “Inflation is raging. The debt ceiling expired & U.S. debt is headed to $45 TRILLION. Kabul is falling to the Taliban & encounters in the #BidenBorderCrisis just hit a 20 YEAR HIGH. Democrats control the House, Senate & @WhiteHouse. What in the world is Joe Biden doing?”

Former White House physician and current Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson added his take.

“Remember when I said it was time to consider the 25th Amendment and the LIARS in the liberal press ATTACKED me? I wonder what they think now after Biden is very OBVIOUSLY mentally incapable of leading during a crisis. Something MUST be done!” he said.

The Washington Times reported.

Mr. Biden was absent from public view for days as the Afghan government was on the brink of collapse and only surfaced Monday to give a speech, after which he returned to vacation. Accusations of cognitive decline, supported by numerous gaffe-filled clips and memory lapses, have dogged Mr. Biden for the last several years.

Numerous liberals floated using the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office as mentally incapacitated during his term of office.

The 25th amendment would require the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to tell Congress that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” The vice president then becomes president.

Although intended for such a scenario as the last couple years of an incapacitated Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, it has never been invoked except for short, uncontroversial periods such as the president being unconscious for surgery.

But Biden did address the nation on Monday and stood by his decision to remove troops from Afghanistan.

“My national security team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency, including — and contingency — including the rapid collapse we’re seeing now,” he said.

“We went to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago with clear goals: get those who attacked us on September 11th, 2001, and make sure al Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack us again.

We did that.  We severely degraded al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We never gave up the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and we got him.  That was a decade ago,” he said.

After blaming Donald Trump for the deal he made to remove troops from Afghanistan, blaming the Afghan military for not fighting, and the Afghan president for leaving, Biden said: “I am President of the United States of America, and the buck stops with me.”

“I know my decision will be criticized, but I would rather take all that criticism than pass this decision on to another President of the United States — yet another one — a fifth one,” he added.

“Because it’s the right one — it’s the right decision for our people.  The right one for our brave service members who have risked their lives serving our nation.  And it’s the right one for America,” Biden said.