Fight Back, Mr. President, so election fraud never happens again

Chad Groening, #FightBack

A conservative political pundit argues that it’s imperative that President Donald Trump’s legal team expose any and all voting irregularities that may have occurred around the U.S. during the 2020 presidential election.

During Thursday’s news conference at the Republican National Committee, Trump’s campaign lawyers told the media that they have plenty of evidence to prove that President Trump won the election by a landslide but saw it stolen from him by massive voter fraud. Among their claims:

  • Enough signed affidavits regarding fraud in cities and states to overturn the media-reported election results.
  • Problems with the Dominion Voting Systems and its Smartmatic software.
  • Illegal election rule changes by officials at both state and local levels.
  • Illegally blocking Republican election observers from watching the counting process for mail-in ballots.

Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, says he found the accusations very troubling and believes that Donald Trump won the election.

“I think it’s absolutely imperative that we expose and get to the bottom of what appears to be extraordinary irregularities around the country,” he shares, adding: “[But] I think it’s still very much an uphill battle to try to get a remedy.”

Remedies could come through the Supreme Court, state legislatures, or the House of Representatives.

“There are lots of ways that the Founding Fathers provided remedies in order to deal with corruption,” Bauer continues. “It’s very hard ahead of time to predict or point to the likely road this will go down, which may end up utilizing some of those remedies.”

And Bauer says it is important for the president and his team to fight. “The president and the vice president are doing exactly the right thing by fighting so we can expose what was done,” he tells One News Now. “And whatever happens on this election, correct it, hold people accountable, and make sure it never happens again.”

As far as the election results are concerned, Trump’s legal team is up against a critical deadline. States must certify their votes by December 8, and the Electoral College meets less than a week later (December 14) to determine who is president.

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