Fidel Castro’s Bodyguard Makes Shocking Revelation About Secret Operation INSIDE the US

A former bodyguard to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro recently gave his account of a secret operation that the communist leader was running inside the United States in the mid 1980s when the Soviet Union cut off funding to his country.

In order to keep the money flowing, the Cuban leader had set up an elaborate drug operation in the United States, using several of his top military commanders, including two generals, to oversee the program.

And then Castro had them killed, according to former bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sanchez in his book, “The Double Life of Fidel Castro.”

Sanchez’s job was to record meetings between leaders and Castro from another office, both on video and audio. One day, he claimed, he was told to not record the audio of a conversation that took place between Castro and Interior Minister Gen. José Abrantes.


 Sanchez became bored when he was forced to watch such a long meeting with no audio, so he decided to flip the audio switch on and he claims he heard Castro discussing a drug smuggling operation being conducted inside the United States by another one of Castro’s top generals, Arnaldo Ochoa.

At that point, as a strong believer in Castro’s revolutionary vision, Sanchez became disillusioned with the leader who’d stooped so low as to enter the international drug game.

As the United States became suspicious of the drug-running activities, Sanchez claims that Castro acted surprised and immediately had both generals involved sent to trial — a trial that Sanchez says was choreographed by Castro himself.

Abrantes was sentenced to 20 years in prison and died mysteriously early in his sentence. Ochoa was sentenced to a firing squad execution — one that Castro made his top aides and his brother, current Cuban President Raul Castro, watch live.

It was reportedly so disturbing that Sanchez says that’s the point that Raul began drinking heavily.

When Sanchez attempted to retire from Castro’s service in 1994, he was sentenced to prison himself. After 10 escape attempts, he finally made it to Mexico by boat where he eventually was able to cross into the United States to tell his story (H/T Newsmax).

Just think — right now, we have a president who’s bending over backward to please this dictator who wants nothing more than to watch the United States burn.

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