Female Soldier Assaulted by Afghan Refugees

Daniel Greenfield, Biden claimed to be leaving Afghanistan, instead, he brought Afghanistan to America. And even after a few weeks the threats are mounting.

Fort McCoy has become a horrifying hellhole.

Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with one count of attempting to engage in a sex act with a minor by force and three counts of engaging in a sex act with a minor. One of the latter counts also alleges the use of force. Investigators say both of Noori’s alleged victims were under the age of 16.

The indictment specifically alleges that Noori touched the genitalia of one of his victims on three separate occasions while at Fort McCoy, an Army installation located approximately 100 miles northwest of Madison. One of the alleged assaults occurred in a barrack, while the other two took place in a bathroom.

The second indictment charges 32-year-old Mohammad Haroon Imaad with assaulting his wife on Sept. 7 by strangling and suffocating her. A complaint states that Imaad’s wife claimed to soldiers through an interpreter that her husband had also struck their children on “multiple occasions” and alleged that he “beat me many times in Afghanistan to the point I lost vision in both eyes.”

In a second interview, Imaad’s wife alleged that her husband had raped her in addition to abusing her verbally and physically. At one point, she claimed, he had threatened to “send her back to Afghanistan where the Taliban could deal with her” and also told her “that nine women have been killed since getting to Fort McCoy and that she would be the tenth.”

There had already been internal reports of sexual trafficking and abuse from the Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy.

One internal document seen by The Associated Press says the State Department has sought “urgent guidance” from other agencies after purported child brides were brought to Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

The latest report comes from Fort Bliss and while the previous victims appeared to be Afghans, this time the victim is an American soldier.

Fort Bliss officials say an investigation is underway after a female service member was allegedly assaulted by ‘a small group of male evacuees’ at the Doña Ana County Range complex where thousands of Afghan refugees are being housed.

Below is a statement from Fort Bliss officials on the incident.

“We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doa Ana Complex in New Mexico. We take the allegation seriously and appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The safety and well-being of our service members, as well as all of those on our installations, is paramount. We immediately provided appropriate care, counseling and support to the service member. Task Force-Bliss is also implementing additional security measures to include increased health and safety patrols, additional lighting, and enforcement of the buddy system at the Dona Ana Complex. We will cooperate fully with the FBI and will continue to ensure the service member reporting this assault is fully supported.”

New Mexico Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R) released the following statement: “I am aware of this heinous attack and my staff is investigating the situation. Our prayers are with this courageous soldier and her family. This is yet another tragic failure in the vetting process for Afghan nationals brought to America, some of whom have proven to be rapists, criminals, and traffickers. The American people deserve answers.”

There are no specifics in either statement, but Fort Bliss officials have mentioned “counseling” and Rep. Herrell called the attack “heinous” while mentioning the Afghan refugees include “rapists”. That’s not a confirmation, but it potentially points in a certain direction.

Afghanistan is an Islamic country where violence against women is routine and is accepted under Islamic law. Under its Islamic and tribal codes, women who are unaccompanied are seen as “fair game”, meeting a man’s eyes can be seen as an “invitation”, and men are not responsible for their actions.

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