FBI: June 2020 Shattered Firearm Background Check Record

June 2020 witnessed nearly 4,000,000 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks, shattering not only the record for any previous June but also the record for any single month, period.

FBI numbers showed 3,931,607 NICS checks conducted in June, besting the previous single-month record of 3,740,688 in March 2020.

This means June 2020 witnessed more background checks than any single month has witnessed in the 20 years background checks for retail sales have been required. This also means that June 2020 continues the trend of each month from March forward witnessing more checks in 2020 than it ever has.

In other words, January 2020 set the record for NICS checks for the month of January, February 2020 for the month of February, March 2020 for the month of March, and on and on through June 2020.

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Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting examined the background check numbers and estimated 2,387,524 guns were sold in June 2020. That represents an increase of 145.3 percent over June 2019.

Historic numbers of background checks to purchase or possess a firearm have been conducted in June.

It’s just the latest month with record-breaking numbers since the system was created in 1998.

The FBI reported Wednesday that 3.9 million checks were done last month in what’s a key barometer of gun sales.

The numbers are driven by the crises that have roiled the U.S., including the coronavirus pandemic, an economic recession, protests over racial injustice and calls to reduce police funding.

A group representing gunmakers says firearm purchases are a reasonable reaction to the political climate, while gun control advocates say they’re concerned first-time buyers don’t have enough training.

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