Facebook Monopoly That Censored Anti-Biden Stories, Cheers Biden Win

Daniel Greenfield,

The oligarchy is happy. They rigged the election. Now it’s time to party.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg:

After a few long days, we now know that Joe Biden will be our next president – and for the first time in 231 years, our next vice president will be a Black and South Asian American woman who is the daughter of immigrants. There are times when America takes a big step toward creating a government that reflects the diverse country we are. Today is one of those days. I’m thinking with joy about young people across the country watching the news today and thinking, “Maybe I can lead this nation too.”

Congratulations to Kamala Harris on this remarkable achievement – shattering glass ceilings and norms around what leadership looks like – and to President-Elect Biden on this historic milestone.

The remarkable achievement of sleeping and stealing your way to the top is truly remarkable. But the most remarkable part is that Big Tech bosses worked and are working to censor political opposition to their candidate in the name of public safety while making no such moves against their candidate.

Team Biden is allowed to claim victory. Team Trump isn’t. Black Lives Matter can plan race riots on Facebook, but opponents of lockdowns or stealing elections can’t.

Here’s the CEO’s wife.

Congrats Kamala Harris on becoming the first Black female Vice President-elect of the United States! This is a historic moment for our country. As a fellow Californian, a daughter of immigrants and an Asian American like her, this means so much to me. And it sends an important message to so many girls and women across the country — particularly girls of color.

It’s a momentous step in ensuring representation in politics, but it’s just one step in a long journey. We need to continue to break down systemic barriers to representation in all aspects of our country. Today I’m celebrating the news with Max and August, and tomorrow, I’ll continue the hard work with so many others to ensure that those who are historically left out and underserved have access to opportunities to reach their full potential.

Finally we’re breaking down barriers for the daughters of Brahmin cancer doctors and leading government economists.

Stealing the presidential election is a consolation prize after Chan-Zuckerberg wasted $10 million trying to raise property taxes in California with Prop 15.

“Unity, empathy, and decency are not characteristics of a bygone era. Congratulations President-elect @JoeBiden and Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris,” Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose workers have to urinate in bottles and whose executives have nervous breakdowns, and who cheated on his wife, wrote.

I can’t think of anyone who exemplifies decency and empathy more than Joe Biden, unless it’s Jeff Bezos. Just don’t ask anyone who works for him.

But Bezos has his eye on the JEDI cloud contract that President Trump took away from Amazon and that Biden would give back if he gets into the White House. Because in the end it’s all about the money.

Big Tech played a major role in rigging and stealing this election, censoring political dissent and amplifying Biden and his media allies.

There can be no free and fair election while Big Tech maintains its monopoly. Period.

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