Facebook Boss, Blue Shield Help Finance Handouts to Illegal Aliens

Daniel Greenfield,

While Americans flee California, the Democrats running the state into the ground are focused on convincing illegal aliens to stay.

With money. Lots of it.

Starting Monday, undocumented immigrants living in California who are ineligible for federal financial aid amid the coronavirus pandemic can apply to a new program.

Eligible immigrant families will be able to get up to $1,000 per household under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus emergency assistance plan, which was announced last month.

Newsom announced a $125 million public-private Disaster Relief Fund for California workers who do not have permanent legal status and are excluded from receiving government assistance such as unemployment benefits and federal stimulus checks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The state will contribute $75 million to the fund and philanthropic groups are expected to help raise an additional $50 million to complete the fund and support undocumented Californians.

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What groups are those?

In addition to the $75 million in state funding, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), a network of foundations focused on immigration issues, has committed to raising $50 million to support direct financial assistance to families of undocumented immigrants through the California Immigrant Resilience Fund, with initial lead investments of $5.5 million from Emerson Collective, Blue Shield of California Foundation, The California Endowment, The James Irvine Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and an anonymous donor, among others.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is the Facebook boss’ foundation and is increasingly becoming the California version of Bloomberg. The Emerson Collective is another Big Tech artifact, a project of Steve Jobs widow.

“During this moment of national crisis, undocumented immigrants are risking their own health on behalf of the rest of us, saving lives as health care workers; caring for our loved ones; and growing much of the food we depend on,” said Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and President of Emerson Collective. “With the federal government and so many states failing to provide undocumented immigrants the economic and health supports all Americans deserve, I hope that corporations, foundations and individuals across the country will join us in providing the emergency relief these members of our community need to weather this challenging time.”

And those that do will helpfully out themselves as fundamentally hostile to American workers.

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