‘Extra’ Mailed-out Ballots Showing Up Everywhere …

Wes Walker Where Is The ‘News’?

As you read this, a few questions should probably cross your mind. Including why so few Democrats acknowledge getting these extra ballots.

Here are some other questions to keep in mind.

If a citizen’s ballot goes to another person, doesn’t that disenfranchise the first citizen?

Are people voting twice?

Are votes being illicitly cast and counted?

Does anyone really believe that Republicans are mysteriously getting all of these extra votes, and not their Democrat counterparts? If Democrats are getting them too, are they not ringing any alarm bells?

 Extra Mailedout Ballots Showing Up Everywhere

Why have Democrats fought tooth and nail in court against purging voter rolls which would have minimized situations like this one? Is it in any way related to the fact that a surplus of names on the rolls makes it harder to detect voter fraud?

Does anything throw the election into greater doubt (and then chaos) than scenarios like this one?

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Suppose were able to identify 100% of the illegitimate votes and destroy them — do people scream in outrage about all of these hypothetical people supposedly ‘being denied their voice’?

We know the answer to some of these questions, surely. Now let’s look at what’s showing up in the mail.

Is there any evidence at all that such surpluses of ballots can be exploited for personal or political gain?

Well, there was this ONE story about Ilhan Omar’s team being involved in voter fraud…

Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar Cash-For-Votes Ballot Harvesting Scheme

But we already know from the media silence that it isn’t newsworthy, right?